Fly in style: how (and why) to book a private jet to travel to Finland

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From the UK to Finland: sit back, buckle up and enjoy your flight with Fast Private Jet

Whether if you are leaving for business or leisure, you should never get stressed out by the flight. But, unfortunately, this is what happens in most cases: long queues, the exhausting procedures before departure, the downtime prior to disembarkation and the wait for the luggage to be delivered.

But there's a solution to all this?

Which one?

If you want to know it, keep reading this article!

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Why you should opt for a private flight from the UK to Finland

There are several reasons why chartering a private plane is the absolute most advantageous option for flying from the UK to Finland. 

The first has to do with time. With scheduled flights, you don't have the freedom to decide dates and times of departure, whereas a private jet leaves when you want.

Incidentally, by opting for this solution, you do not have to reach the airport hours in advance of takeoff time. In fact, unlike with scheduled flights, you won't have to queue at check-in or wait for boarding.

Another great advantage is that you will not have to travel with other people, but will have the entire aircraft at your disposal. 

Not to mention the many services you can include in your air travel package.

Are you wondering what they are? We'll tell you right now.

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What services we give you and how to book your private jet to Finland

If you have never chartered a plane with a pilot, you are probably not aware of all the extra options you can include in your flight. Depending on why you need to leave the UK to Finland, you can arrange a number of services and arrangements that will make your trip comfortable, relaxing and – why not – productive (if, for example, you are travelling for business reasons).

Our private jet charter agency can offer you:

  • One or more luxury suites set up according to the wishes of each individual passenger you want to take with you
  • A catering service or, even, a personal chef on board
  • A business set-up with a big screen for video conferencing and other equipment of your need
  • Beauty or massage treatments

In addition, at your request, we can arrange for your arrival airport reception by providing you with refreshments, a driver, and more.

How to have all this? Simple: just contact us by e-mail or phone, or go directly to our website,,and fill out the form in the "Book" section. We will be happy to listen to your requests and propose the solution that best suits your needs.

Porvoo, Finland | Fast Private Jet

10 things to do in Finland that make your journey unforgettable

#1 Designer shopping, Helsinki

Functional, elegant, original or extravagant: the choice is yours. The capital's decidedly alternative sophistication is best appreciated by visiting the centre's many design stores. You can admire the iconic forms of the Finnish twentieth century in the historic stores of brands such as Iittala, Marimekko, and Artek, or look for an avant-garde (or even just quirky) object in the alternative Punavuori district, in the heart of the Design District, where you're sure to find something you didn't think you needed, but can't live without. And you can have it shipped to your home.

#2 Traditional saunas

Although today almost all Finns have saunas at home, there are still some public saunas that smell of pine, tar shampoo, and old traditions and where you can be gently lashed with birch branches or undergo vigorous scrubs. After the sauna, Finns go to cool off in the street, with a towel around their waist and a cold beer in hand. Helsinki and Tampere are the best places, while it takes a day to prepare for the smoke sauna in Kuopio, which offers a more rural experience, with a lake to take a dip in.

#3 Northern Finland's parks

With its expanses of protected forests and fjäll (mountains), Finland is an ideal hiking destination. In Karhunkierros, near Kuusamo, you will find beautiful hills and deep gorges, which look especially fascinating in autumn. Urho Kekkonen National Park, in Lapland, offers some of the most beautiful unspoiled spaces in Europe; don't miss the spectacular gorge of Kevo Integral Nature Reserve and the fjälls of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park.

#4 Bear watching

The brown bear is the national animal. The northeastern part of the country is home to a thousand of these mighty creatures, which roam freely between Finland and Russia. Several agencies have bear-watching hideouts where you can spend a night in absolute silence while they sniff moose carcasses and chunks of salmon. The best time is from mid-April through August, except July, when bears think more about mating than eating.

#5 Åland Cycling

The enchanting Åland archipelago is best explored by bicycle-this way you will appreciate even more of its little-known beauty. Bridges and ferries connect many of its 6,000 islands, and well-marked routes allow you to get off the main roads and onto winding paths and forest trails. Leave your bike wherever you like to pick strawberries, visit a medieval church, or the ruins of castles such as Kastelholms Slott, sunbathe on a slab of red granite, quench your thirst with a glass of cider, or climb up to admire the sparkling sea.

#6 The Lakes Region

There is more water than land in the Lakes Region, and not enjoying it would be a shame. Carve out three days to paddle along the family-friendly Oravareitti (Squirrel Way), or visit Kolovesi and Linnansaarito National Parks to see freshwater seals. Do your arms ache? Old ships still ply what were once important waterways; you can take short cruises or a day trip from Savonlinna to Kuopio or across the country's largest lake, Saimaa, to Lappeenranta.

#7 Sledding and snowmobiling in Lapland

Whizzing through the snow with a husky wetsuit in the low winter sun of Lapland is a truly unique thrill. Short hikes are fun, but two-day trips offer the opportunity to feed and learn about these beautiful dogs and experience a wood-fired sauna surrounded by wilderness. Keep in mind, however, that this is not an easy experience: expect to eat a lot of snow before learning how to lead a pack. Alternatively, you can take snowmobile or reindeer sleigh rides.

#8 Music festivals

Are you a fan of chamber music? Or do you like hard rock, the kind that makes your ears pop? Finland has a music festival for every taste: for a month, Savonlinna Castle is the setting for the opera festival; violinists gather in Kaustinen for folk music; Pori, Espoo, and Tampere draw thousands of jazz fans; Seinäjoki is filled with heels and sequins for the five-day tango festival; Turku's Ruisrock is one of many rock festivals; and Lahti's Sibelius Festival welcomes autumn with classical grace.

#9 Summer cottages

The icon of the Finnish summer is a comfortable cottage set on the shore of a quiet blue lake, with a small rowboat moored, a fishing pier, and a beach for swimming. In the more spartan bungalows, toilets are located outside and water is collected from a well, while the more modern ones are equipped with every comfort. Whether you are looking for a wilderness getaway-the picturesque Karelia offers dense forests-or a place to relax with the whole family, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

#10 Sámi culture in Inari

The northern natives have learned to use technology to manage their reindeer herds more efficiently, while maintaining a very close contact with nature. Their capital, Inari, and nearby Lemmenjoki National Park are the best places to start learning about sámi culture and traditions, starting with the splendid Siida Museum, with interactive exhibits and original buildings including farms, warehouses, and even a courthouse. Take part in nature hikes with sámi guides, meet the reindeer, and appreciate the excellent handicrafts and musical works.

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In this article, we discussed the main reason why you should choose a private jet to reach Finland and the best places to visit there.

If you would like to know more about the prices and the procedures, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you arrange your flight and transfer from the UK to Finland.

Hope to see you soon!

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