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Fast Private Jet S.r.l.

Via Pegrosse 508/D

37020 Dolcè 

Verona- Italy

VAT: IT045 73290238

REA: VR-431761

Phone: +39 045 5706512

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +39 331 888 7247

PEC: [email protected]

IBAN: IT94O 010100 34001000 00064510


You can also find us in our representative offices in the following airports:

  • Milan Linate
  • Milan Malpensa
  • Milan Bresso
  • Venice Tessera
  • Treviso Canova
  • Naples Capodichino
  • Bari Palese
  • Brindisi Casale
  • Verona Villafranca
  • Rome Ciampino
  • Siena Ampugnano
  • Salerno Amalfi Coast