Meet the Team

The leadership of Fast Private Jet

Fast Private Jet was established in September 2018 with strategic headquarters in Verona, Italy.
Meet the team:
Mauro De Rosa

Chief Executive Officer

His experience in the aeronautical field began in 2007, when he became the founder of Fast Jet, a company specialized in aircraft sales & acquisition, as well as chartering of private jet flights, organized ad hoc for its customers. Back then, the new concept of very light jet substantially changed the approach of customers towards business aviation all around Europe. In 2008 he met the men who would later become his partners of the executive airline which currently holds 53% of the market shares in the very light jet sector in Europe, with the largest fleet of very light jet in the world.

Bryan Bellicini

Chief Operating Officer

Began his career in the aeronautics field as responsible for monitoring and resolving operational issues at a leading Italian airline company. A year later, he moved into business aviation, serving as operations officer. In 2012, he moved to Austria becoming Head of Operations, meanwhile obtaining the certification of Aircraft Dispatcher in the United States. In 2016, he was called to move to Zurich, and then London, to fill the role of Director of Charter Sales by one of the most prestigious private jet brokerage firms in the world.

Greta Dragotta

Sales Manager

Greta Dragotta's professional career begins in the sector of hospitality management and then approach the Business Aviation sector with passion and professionalism. In 2017 she joined the team of a large brokerage organisation in the private jet sector and dedicated herself to the management and research of customers, developing new business opportunities. From September 2019, she decided to enter the role of Sales Manager in the Fast Private Jet team. Her organisational skills, together with a passion for business  business aviation, make Greta a professional and specialist in the search of new clients, management of the problems related to the private jet sector together with a deep knowledge and dedication for the work that she carries out daily.

Victoria Munoz

Information Technology 

Victoria began her studies at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and immediately showed an interest in communication and new digital technologies. Her professional career has led Victoria as an analyst to assist major multinational companies in the IT sector. In 2019, always passionate about the aeronautical sector, she decided to join the Fast Private Jet team to devote herself constantly to the development of new technologies, data platforms, innovative integration systems for the aeronautical sector in order to satisfy customer expectations. Integrating business and operating systems. Efficiency and professionalism are the basis of the development of her work in the company in order to achieve results that can turn ideas into concrete projects

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