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Why Charter with Fast Private Jet?

Fast Private Jet is the private jet charter service provider that creates and organizes your journey on a private jet and all the services connected to it. Our mission is to create and manage travel experiences for our clientele, offering them an extraordinary flight on board of private jets.

Our team is composed by aviation logistics enthusiast and lovers, who made a job out of their passion, and have more than 15 years of experience in this dynamic and exciting business aviation’s world.


Each of our international and talented Customer Care Agents have a specific geographic area of operation. We do manage our services worldwide, and we have representatives in Europe and Middle East.
We dominate and involve diverse industry experiences between aviation, travel, technology and luxury goods.


Premium Support, High Class Experience

We are committed to manage every single flight with the highest level of professionalism to ensure smooth aircraft booking services, passenger satisfaction and an efficiency that creates an outstanding private jet charter solution experience. Our customer’s requests will be taken care form the team, who will personally deal with the customer during any stage of the flight or service. He/she will provide support, helpful information, answering questions, and manage the private jet booking all the way until landing.

Our strength is the zero-time management of any request. Time is the greatest value and in Fast Private Jet we know the importance of being focused and reliable. Our Team is available for the customer 24/7 and we personally answer to each instance within 15 minutes.


Once we receive the request, we immediately start a research within our network for the perfect deal. Once we received the aircraft and crew availability from the operators, we prepare a detailed quotation that usually includes 3 different jets, with a short description that comprehend the year of manufacture, how many customers can the private jet accommodate, wether it has been refurbished and when, and the aircraft pictures. We want to give the most information possible for a transparent communication with our customers.




Once we receive the confirmation from the client,  we proceed to the payment stage. To manage our clientele’s private details such as credit cards numbers, we operate through Stripe, one of the safest payment software available. If the flight is due to a later date, for example in 5 days, a bank transfer is the easiest procedure to apply. On the other hand, If the take-off will take place in the immediate future, we ask for a credit card number and we block the amount until the due balance has been cleared via bank transfer or PayPal. We can also charge the credit card directly, if the customer prefers. All major ones are accepted: VISA, MasterCard and AMEX.
With credit card payment an extra fee may apply.



For our services, we understand that privacy and discretion are fundamental, and we are committed to them.

We are happy to listen to any special demand that our clientele might have, and we are dedicated to our job with passion and responsibility.





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