FPJ Referral Program

How does it work?


Refer a friend and you both will receive an exclusive reward! 

As a Fast Private Jet client, you have the opportunity to accumulate unlimited credits to fly on a private jet every time you refer a new friend. You will accumulate a credit of 1,000€ for each referral to fly on a private jet and your referred friend will have a 5% discount on their first private jet chartering.

For each successful referral accomplished, a credit of 1,000€ cumulative up to 3,000€ can be added to your Fast Private Jet account to be used for each individual flight.

The credit is cumulative and without expiration or limits. In fact, the part of credit accumulated over 3,000€, and not used for your flight, remains credited to your Fast Private Jet account, ready to be used for your next trip!

Terms and conditions

  1. 1. Eligibility
    • - All current and future clients are eligible to the program.
    • - Any person can participate by completing the online form. The FPJ credit will be stored in a personal account and can be used for future flight with Fast Private Jet.
  2. 2. FPJ rewards
    • - For every referred friend that flies with Fast Private Jet for the first time, a €1,000 FPJ credit is earned to be applied on the next flight.
    • - The FPJ credit is earned only when the booking is confirmed by the referral.
    • - The FPJ credit is cumulative with no limits.
    • - The referrals will receive a 5% discount applied to the first booking.
    • - The FPJ credit has no expiration date.
  3. 3. Restrictions
    • - There is no restriction to the number of new Private Jet clients which you can refer to us. Just refer friends, colleagues or family members. However only a maximum of €3,000 FPJ credit can be applied per booking.
  4. 4. Limitations
    • - The FPJ credit is only activated once the new client has completed and confirmed their first flight with us. Upon activation of the FPJ credit, the Fast Private Jet Sales Advisor will notify the existing client who made the referral that their credit is available.
  5. 5. Program availability
    • - Worldwide clients can participate in the program.
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