Air Ambulance

When time is the most important matter

The reasons behind a repatriation flight can be many: skiing incident, cars accident, serious illness during a stay abroad...

For these urgent and delicate situations, we make available air ambulance flights, with a fully equipped aircraft corresponding to the health status, the medical needs and the duration of the trip of the casualty.

Our aircrafts are equipped with the most recent equipments in terms of therapy and medical assistance that allows the best care also during flight. For any critic condition casualty, newborn casualty, organ transportation or a less complex repatriation flight, our customer will fly back home safe, fast and with the best attendance.

Fast Private Jet cooperates with medical professional and organise the flight with an equipped air ambulance. Our flights operate worldwide. On board, and for the whole time, the patient will be always assisted by a specialised medical equipe, composed by a doctor and a specialised nurse. Usually there is room for additional companion passengers. 
Nothing is left behind. From the stretcher configuration, the equipments on board and the medical equipe. Everything represent the maximum support for the casualty, as it is possible to constantly monitor the health conditions of the casualty and, in case, take the adequate actions immediately.  Medical surveys of the health status are available also during flight, thanks to the professionalism of the medical equipe and the adequate medical equipment on support. This is also accessible for critic conditions casualties, making their flight safe. It is also possible to provide the already existing therapy for the whole flight time. Before the take off, the medical equipe will retrieve all the information regarding the casualty, therapy, needs and the health status, and will get ready accordingly. 
Call now for an instant quotation for an air ambulance service  from hospital to hospital, to guarantee a complete medical assistance during all phases of the trip. 


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