FPJ Affiliate Plus

Join Fast Private Jet’s Affiliate Plus Program and start earning through our private flight services!

What is it?

A program created to support our most trusted collaborators e.g. individuals, companies, agencies, and intermediaries, in an effort to meet the needs of their refined clientele, interested in private flight services.

Members of the Affiliate Program should have an audience or potential customers who appreciate travel in style and value luxury and comfort when flying.

Beyond any commission they may choose to add to the final price, they will be awarded cashback of varying value depending on the number of successful bookings.

How The FPJ Affiliate Plus Program Works

Fast Private Jet Affiliate Plus Program offers tailored services for corporate clients such as companies, travel agencies and concierges, as well as digitally-based clients such as private flight websites and social media influencers.
Applying to the Affiliate Plus Program is simple, completely free of charge, and carries no obligation once the affiliation request is submitted.

Corporate clients wishing to join our affiliate program can follow this simple process:

1. Fill in the application form (see below)
2. You will be contacted by an FPJ team member to discuss our program in detail
3. Upon joining the FPJ Affiliate Plus Program, you can start offering Fast Private Jet's services directly to your customers
4. You will receive cashback for flights successfully booked through you, as our affiliate. All details will be provided to you.
*For full details of our Affiliate Program, please inquire using the form below. Terms and conditions apply.

Benefits Of Our Private Jet Charter Affiliate Program?

At Fast Private Jet, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled luxury services to our valued clients.

Fast Private Jet affiliates are assured that they are accessing the best possible price and, as a result, are offering their customers competitively priced flight solutions.

In addition to the opportunity to strengthen their business network, each of our affiliates will be assisted by a dedicated Private Aviation Advisor providing 24/7 global support.

FPJ Affiliate Plus Program Benefits

- Getting cashback for successful flights;
- 24/7 Dedicated support from our team;
- A Dedicated Private Aviation Advisor;
- Competitive prices;
- We accept crypto payments;
- Strengthen and build a professional network.

Who Can Join Our Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Plus Program is specially developed for boutique travel and concierge agencies but is suitable for anyone working in the luxury travel, hospitality, and lifestyle industries.
Program members target an audience particularly interested in high-end travel experiences, tailor-made packages, and the ultimate in-flight comfort.
Additional tailored packages are available for owners of digital channels such as bloggers, YouTubers, social influencers, and private flight websites.

Join Our FPJ Affiliate Plus Program

Simply fill in the form below with a request to join the program. We will contact you directly with all of the details you need to know about launching our partnership successfully.

Become an affiliate

Frequently Asked Questions

Private jet affiliate program members are encouraged to use all of their connections to receive the full benefit of our program.
Travel agencies, concierges and companies may wish to contact their existing client base or even friends and family interested in luxury aviation.
As a program that benefits its users, members of our private jet affiliate program can refer clients, friends, and family with complete confidence that our services are of the highest quality.
We offer a tailored payment service in which your Private Aviation Advisor will communicate your cashback for successful booking confirmations made through you.
We offer a full range of private jet services, including private jet charter, group charter, cargo and private jet sales and acquisition.
Our full range of services is open to those booking a Fast Private Jet experience after being referred by a member of our private jet affiliate program.
Clients use our services for occasions such as luxury, VIP corporate business travel, parties, anniversary gifts, and tours.
Find out more about our services here.

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