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Entry level jet
Entry level jet or known as very light jet (VLJ), is the smallest category of private jets available. Usually those jets can seat up between 4 to 5 passengers with a maximum range of 3 hours flight. With their small size are one of the most versatile jets to operate on short runways.  
Citation Mustang
Phenom 100EV
Citation M2              
Honda Jet
Light jet
Light jets are the ideal solution for short to mid range flights. The average capacity is between 6 to 8 passengers with a narrow cabin. Usually we find on those solutions the most cost effective offers for families or small groups.
Nextant 400XTi
Citation CJ2+
Citation CJ3+         
Phenom 300E
Premier IA
Pilatus PC-24
Midsize jet
Midsize jets are the most popular jets chartered in the world. Those private jets are so popular because are most economical solution with a stand-up cabin providing the best comfort over price ratio.
         Citation XLS+
Hawker 800XP
Learjet 60
Gulfstream G-150
Super midsize jet
if you desire a large and luxurious cabin but you need your private jet to be versatile then a super midsize private jet is the best solution.  Those jets have larger cabin, more range and the best performance for short field operations.
Praetor 600
Challenger 350
Citation X+
Citation Sovereign+
   Citation Latitude
Gulfstream G280
Heavy jet
Heavy jets are recommended for larger groups up to 13 passengers or if travelling with a lot of luggage. Clients can enjoy the confort of 3 cabin zones with amenities as Wi-Fi, satphone and full in-flight service.
Legacy 650E
Falcon 2000
Falcon 900LX
Challenger 850
Challenger 650
Ultra long range
Do you need to fly from Milan to Tokyo but the commercial airline does not fit your schedule? With an ultra long range private jet you can connect between any city pair in world. Those private jets can fly up to 14 hours non-stop. 
Gulfstream G650 
Global 7500
Falcon 8X
Gulfstream G550
Global 6000
Falcon 7X
VIP Airliner
VIP airliners are the most popular solution among the royal families or head of state that choose Fast Private Jet for their travel arrangement.  Those jets are all-in solution for best range (up to 19 hours), best comfort and best capacity.
BBJ 787
Lineage 1000

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