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General Terms and conditions Fast Private Jet S.R.L.





1. Unless otherwise specified, the terms and conditions defined below are intended as conditions of use of www.fastprivatejet.com and the services offered by Fast Private Jet srl


2. Customers using the services of Fast Private Jet s.r.l. expressly accept the following general sales conditions with the payment of the invoice.




Fast Private Jet: the service company that searches the market for the best prices on the market directly from aircraft operators, in order to provide ad hoc charter services and additional services requested by the end customer.


End customer: those requesting the ad hoc charter flight and purchasing and related services on www.fastprivatejet.com, according to the general terms and conditions indicated below.


Air operator: the airline that performs the flight




The general terms and conditions are as follows, unless otherwise specified:


"Agreement": means these General Rental Terms and Conditions and any other special conditions included in the sales invoice.


"Aircraft": means any aircraft (including helicopters) used for each flight.


"Sale price": indicates the total amount indicated on the invoice issued by Fast Private Jet s.r.l. in connection with a purchase (which includes brokerage fees for Fast Private Jet s.r.l.).


"Flight": means a flight as described in the sales invoice for the aircraft rental.


"Itinerary" indicates the flight, a series of flights (including possible positioning flights) which include the departure points, the destination places, the stop points and each flight time, the estimated time of departure and arrival.


"Air Rental Agreement": indicates the online confirmation issued by Fast Private Jet s.r.l. with issue of the invoice to the customer, which certifies the sale of an ad hoc charter flight, in which these General Conditions are referred to and in which the special conditions are indicated.


"Customer (s)": means those who use the services of Fast Private Jet s.r.l., available through the website www.fastprivatejet.com or any other mobile application made available and authorized by Fast Private Jet s.r.l ..


"Passenger (s)" means the person or persons for whom the flight booking and / or any additional services has been made and paid for and who will benefit from the final service. "Request for quote": the online procedure through which the customer makes a request for quotation with flight details. Fast Private Jet s.r.l. then compares the prices sent by the operators, so as to satisfy the customer's needs, creating a quote including details and special requests from the passenger. The price of the listing, type of aircraft and any details included in the quote is to be considered subject to availability of the aircraft, crew, slots at the time of the customer's decision to confirm the price of the listing. "Special Conditions": means any change to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.




Fast Private Jet srl provides, through the operator holding the Aeronautical Operator Certificate, the aircraft for the customer, and the customer agrees to use the aircraft according to the established terms and conditions and to include in the invoice (including all special conditions known and accepted by the customer at the time of purchase of the flight).




3.1. Fast Private Jet s.r.l. provides the payment system of the private jet or accessory services, with payment information, in the specific section of the website www.fastprivatejet.com or via email. The customer will pay to Fast Private Jet s.r.l. the price of the flight, in the times, in the quantity, in the currency and to the address indicated on the invoice.


3.2. The purchase price is also calculated on the cost of the fuel when the flight is booked. In the event that, for any reason, the price of fuel increases between the date of booking and the date of the flight, if requested by the operator, the customer must pay to Fast Private Jet s.r.l. an amount equal to the price difference.


 3.3. If, for any reason, payment of the sale price is not made by the due date indicated on the invoice, the customer must pay Fast Private Jet s.r.l. legal interest, the delay charged on the amount not paid. Fast Private Jet srl reserves the right not to perform the flight if in the case of bank transfer, on the scheduled date of the flight, the agreed sum has not been received in the Fast Private Jet srl credit institution.



3.4. The payment of the sale price must be made to the bank account indicated by Fast Private Jet s.r.l, no later than five days before the flight date, as indicated on the invoice. To book the flight in the two weeks preceding the departure date, the full amount of the sale price is required at the time of booking. On request and at the expense of the customer, Fast Private Jet s.r.l. can arrange a security deposit in which the prepaid amount will be deposited. Compliance with the deadline is mandatory for payment of the sale price and any other amount included in the invoice.


3.5. No compensation or counterclaim (or any other transport condition) will authorize the customer to suspend payment of a specific amount.


3.6. The end customer is responsible for any costs requested, in relation to any expenses incurred and relating to flight operations, as provided for in the contract. In the event that it is necessary to carry out the de-icing operations of de-icing the aircraft, it will be an additional cost to the customer. Fast Private Jet s.r.l. can request a pre-authorization on the customer's credit card for the additional cost for this service. The final decision of the de-icing procedure is the sole responsibility of the operator.


3.7. For the payment of taxes, the customer can obtain exemptions through Fast Private Jet s.r.l ..


3.8. If the customer does not use the exemptions, Fast Private Jet s.r.l. will charge a credit card deposit of 1,500 euros or the equivalent in currency. The amount charged will be released upon payment of the invoice, in accordance with the agreement concluded and these general conditions of sale. If the customer does not comply with payment obligations, the customer agrees to waive the amounts indicated by the deposit to Fast Private Jet s.r.l.


3.9. In the event that the customer wishes to modify the itinerary or make other significant changes (for example departure time, passenger list, change of airport or other flight request) Fast Private Jet s.r.l. will modify the flight booking and the customer will pay any additional costs in favor of Fast Private Jet s.r.l ..


3.10. The payment of the amount due agreed in the sales contract can be made by bank transfer, credit card and via PayPal. Administrative costs cannot be reimbursed in the following circumstances:


• flight cancellation


• Reimbursement of pre-authorized payments made to Fast Private Jet


3.11. If, due to a technical failure, the aircraft cannot fly in accordance with the flight booking provisions, Fast Private Jet s.r.l. reasonably undertakes to procure a suitable replacement aircraft by avoiding any other additional costs for the customer. In the event that Fast Private Jet s.r.l. has found a suitable substitute aircraft, but the customer has chosen not to accept the solution proposed by Fast Private Jet s.r.l., Fast Private Jet s.r.l. will have the right to withhold the total amount paid by the customer (including administrative fees. If Fast Private Jet srl cannot find a suitable replacement aircraft, the reimbursement to the customer is the full purchase price shown on the invoice of sale All the above-mentioned refunds that involve the partial cancellation of the sales invoice will be calculated on a proportional basis as follows: the amount to be returned to the customer (excluding administrative fees for the conclusion of the contract) can be obtained considering the mount Total flight hours provided by the sales contract that cannot be performed due to flight cancellation For example, if it is not possible to make 7 hours out of a total of 28 flight hours, the customer will receive a 25% refund of the sale price (excluding administrative fees for the conclusion of the contract)


3.12. Unless otherwise agreed before the flight, the Wi-Fi connection is not included in the sale price. Any connection available on the aircraft used by passengers or by the customer will be paid by the customer upon receipt of the invoice.


3.13. If the customer pays the sale price by bank transfer before the flight, the customer must provide Fast Private Jet s.r.l. also details of your credit card that Fast Private Jet s.r.l. will use to complete the pre-authorization of the flight cost (including administrative costs), charged in accordance with clause 4.10. If: (a) payment by bank transfer is not received by the bank of Fast Private Jet s.r.l. within 3 working days (excluding holidays) from the date of booking, or (b) Fast Private Jet s.r.l. will charge the price on the customer's credit card.


3.14. Flight bookings are based on ICAO airport codes (4 letters) and IATA (3 letters) recognized internationally and not on airport names that can be modified or interpreted differently.




The customer must provide or procure all the necessary documentation (also for any pets transported on board) for transport and flight, as established by national and international law. The customer must provide Fast Private Jet s.r.l. all the information and assistance necessary to complete the documentation as soon as possible after payment of the invoice, in due time.  




5.1. The aircraft operator will be responsible for making the aircraft available for the scheduled departure of the flight, adequately ensuring services, equipment, fuel and airworthiness in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state in which the aircraft is registered. The aircraft will be operated by the aircraft operator according to the laws and regulations applicable before take-off and landing.


5.2. In line with its general operational requirements, the aircraft operator undertakes to: • Have the aircraft and operating personnel available, including the cabin crew, which must be ready for take-off no later than thirty minutes before the departure time, indicated in the sales contract;


 • Have operating personnel available to welcome passengers at the airport entrance, FBO or at the agreed location;


• Have operating personnel available to assist customers / passengers on landing, upon arrival at destination.


5.3. Fast Private Jet s.r.l. commits to:


• Respond to every customer request;


• Promptly inform the customer of any flight planning delays for any reason.


The aircraft commander will have to take care of everything concerning the preparation of the aircraft, if the flight can be performed and / or if the flight can continue once it has started. The customer accepts, definitively and irrevocably, with the payment of the invoice to Fast Private Jet srl, every decision taken by the commander on every aspect of the operation of the aircraft, including any other deviation of the itinerary or modification of the landing site. In this case, no cost or refund can be requested by the customer to Fast Private Jet


5.4. All ground personnel and flight operators, including cabin crew, are authorized to take orders exclusively from the aircraft operator and / or the commander or competent authorities.


5.5. All aircraft are designed for non-smokers, unless a different written confirmation is provided to the customer, prior to the flight. If you have smoked inside the aircraft, the customer will bear all the necessary cleaning costs, determined by the aircraft operator as well as any penalties provided by the airline.





6.1. In the event that a passenger does not arrive in time for embarkation, the aircraft operator and Fast Private Jet srl will not be responsible for the passenger (s) or the customer. The aircraft operator is not obliged to operate in a manner different from that provided for in the agreed flight itinerary. The customer will be responsible for all expenses, paying a sum to Fast Private Jet s.r.l., necessary to cover any applicable charges and administrative costs incurred by the aircraft operator for the change of route or time. If it is not possible to change the time and / or destination, the customer will still be required to pay for the flight without a refund.


6.2. In case of delay (not due to technical reasons, the responsibility of which has an effect on the aircraft operator or results in deviation from the original itinerary) any costs and expenses incurred by the customer will be reimbursed by the aircraft operator through Fast Private Jet srl.


6.3. In the event that any customer's passenger is denied entry to any destination airport, the customer must reimburse and hold harmless the Air Operator, its operators, employees, officers and representatives against costs or expenses of any kind incurred by the customer. 'air operator (including, but not limited to, payment fees, taxes, penalties or other expenses charged to the aircraft operator or to Fast Private Jet srl by the immigration police) and, in addition, all costs or expenses incurred by the operator plane for any transportation arrangements of this passenger (s) to the country of departure.




In the event that the customer wishes to cancel one or more flights after confirmation of the flight, as an agreed refund for cancellation, the following sums must be paid immediately by the end customer in favor of Fast Private Jet s.r.l.


• 20% upon confirmation.


• 50% if the cancellation occurs between 10 and 5 days before the departure date, as indicated on the invoice.


• 75% if the cancellation occurs between 4 days and 48 hours before the departure date as indicated on the invoice.


• 90% if the cancellation occurs between 48 and 24 hours before the departure date, as indicated on the invoice.


• 100% if the cancellation occurs within 24 hours before the departure data, as indicated on the invoice.


Notification of a new or different flight cancellation policy can be sent to the customer via e-mail.





8.1. The customer must ensure compliance with any provision requested by the aircraft operator.


8.2. The customer must exempt the air operator and / or Fast Private Jet s.r.l. from all claims, requests, responsibilities, actions, procedures and costs of any kind arising from any default by the customer or passengers indicated by the customer.


8.3. The customer must ensure compliance with these terms and conditions, also by virtue of the permits obtained through licenses, authorizations and must guarantee the same compliance for each passenger.




Any agreement can be canceled with a notice written by Fast Private Jet s.r.l. or by the aircraft operator, if the customer:


• does not comply with the payment of the sums due within the term;


• has a conduct that, according to Fast Private Jet s.r.l. could damage, discredit or compromise the position and / or reputation of Fast Private Jet s.r.l.




10.1. If a flight is canceled by the customer (unless the aircraft operator has other possible rights or requests) he must immediately pay Fast Private Jet s.r.l., all amounts due and unpaid, with their interests. The customer must protect Fast Private Jet srl from any loss, damage, cost, expense, claim or liability, taken over or sustained by the operator due to the cancellation.


10.2. The customer will reimburse Fast Private Jet srl for any damage caused to the aircraft.




11.1. Fast Private Jet s.r.l. is not liable to the customer for reasons of force majeure, labor disputes or strikes of any kind (including the aircraft operator's staff) or interruption of activities or any other cause not dependent on the aircraft operator, including accidents or failure of the aircraft engine or any other component or machinery connected to it.


11.2. The transports carried out are subject to the conditions contained or indicated in the flight documentation of the aircraft operator, including the measures envisaged by the "General transport conditions". Fast Private Jet srl is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to the customer before, during or after the flight.





12.1. All information and notifications provided on the sales invoice of the service must be in writing and considered valid if delivered or sent by e-mail, e-mail or fax to the counterparty address indicated on the invoice. Each of these communications will be considered notified at the time of their dispatch to the counterparty's address.


12.2. The client's compliance with the deadlines is mandatory in compliance with the obligations provided by the purchase of the Fast Private Jet service (s).


12.3. No modification of the agreement can become effective unless in writing and accepted by both parties.


12.4. The sale price, payment terms and other commercial conditions contained in each agreement are exclusive to Fast Private Jet and must not be disclosed to third parties without written approval.


12.5. The customer does not have the right to grant to third parties any agreement stipulated with Fast Private Jet s.r.l.


12.6. Aircraft rental contracts are regulated and interpreted in accordance with Italian law and any dispute arising from these terms and conditions will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Italian State at the competent court in Verona.

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