Flying Sustainable with Fast Private Jet

Starting today, you can offset the CO2 emissions generated during your private jet flight by joining initiatives supported by Fast Private Jet.
Zero-impact flights

We offer 'zero-impact' flights through our carbon offset program, aiming to make aviation sustainable. We believe that the power of change lies in the accumulation of small actions that transform everyday life. For this reason, we have committed ourselves to make private jet chartering conscious and responsible. To assist us in this mission, as of July 2023, Fast Private Jet has joined the first and only sustainability solutions program dedicated to private aviation, managed by 4AIR.

Together for the future

According to a study conducted by the European Environmental Agency, it is revealed that aircraft are responsible for approximately 2% of total CO2 emissions, and Business Aviation contributes to 0.04% of the total CO2 emissions. In recent years, efforts have been made to reduce emissions through the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and investments are being made in research for new hybrid and electric flight systems that are more environmentally friendly. With a growing demand, Fast Private Jet has decided to introduce a compensation program as an integral part of its sustainability program in collaboration with 4AIR.



How it works

Joining the carbon offset program is a voluntary and conscious action that can be requested during the booking phase of a private flight. Our Private Aviation Advisors team, at the time of listing, will propose the possibility of contributing to the program through a fixed fee system, per hour flown. All proceeds will be donated to three projects carefully selected by Fast Private Jet: The Envira Amazonia Project in Brazil, Cururos Wind Farm in Chile, and the Chyulu Hills Redd+ Project in Kenya. Translated with (free version)


The Envira Amazonia Project


The Envira Amazonia Project engages in the forest conservation of 39,300.6 hectares in a 200,000-hectare property in Acre.
The Envira Amazonia Project is a climate, community and biodiversity protection project.

Cururos Wind Farm


Cururos Wind Farm is a true wind farm, comprising two wind farms, "El Pacifico" and "La Cebada," with an average annual production of 290 GWh, capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by about 173,819 tCO2e per year. This project aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

Chyulu Hills

Chyulu Hills Redd+ promotes climate change mitigation and adaptation, restores biodiversity, and creates alternative livelihoods to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (Redd+), covering an area of 410,533.84 hectares.

Frequent questions

Carbon dioxide emissions, or CO2 emissions, refer to the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of various human activities and natural processes. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, which means it can trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere and contribute to global warming and climate change.
"Flying with zero impact" is a term that refers to an approach in commercial aviation aimed at mitigating or offsetting greenhouse gas emissions generated by air travel. Since aviation is one of the major sources of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, the concept of "flying with zero impact" has been developed as a way to make the aviation industry more sustainable and less harmful to the environment.
The term "carbon offset" refers to a practice that aims to compensate for carbon emissions or carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by human activities, such as air travel or using energy from non-renewable sources, by funding projects or actions that reduce CO2 emissions or absorb carbon from the atmosphere in an equivalent amount to what was emitted.
To participate in a carbon offset or emissions compensation program, you can contact a Fast Private Jet consultant for more information or visit our website.
There are several reasons why you might consider joining a carbon offset or emissions compensation program: reducing environmental impact, environmental responsibility, raising awareness, contributing to sustainable projects. In summary, emissions offset should be seen as a complementary step to direct carbon emissions reduction through measures such as energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.
Fast Private Jet customers can contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions for every hour flown with a system of fixed fees, which are entirely donated to associations and projects supported by 4AIR. These sustainability initiatives, distributed worldwide, have been carefully selected in collaboration with 4AIR and are listed below.
Yes, you have the option to choose the project you wish to support when participating in a carbon offset or emissions compensation program. This choice allows you to direct your contribution toward a project that holds personal significance for you or that you believe has a positive environmental impact that interests you. These carefully selected sustainability initiatives, distributed worldwide in collaboration with 4AIR, are as follows: The Envira Amazonia Project, Cururos Wind Farm, and Chyulu Hills Redd+ Project.

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