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Helicopter charter service

Weddings, Monaco Grand Prix, Paris, Milan or New York Fashon Week, business travels, Film Festival... helicopters really make the difference for rapid access in and out of popular events, when traffic on the ground can suddenly clog. They are an excellent solution to cover short distance, to reach remote destinations, to avoid traffic on ground and quickly reach the final destination, or for sightseeing.

People also charter helicopters for shuttle rides from airports to ski resort, hotels, music or cultural events and sports stadiums. They are a great option to arrive at busy venues at peak times. We know that maximizing time is a key priority for Fast Private Jet's customers, so we offer our expert assistance in helicopter charter service, made ad hoc for your personal needs.



Why Charter a Helicopter?

In a large and crowded city, helicopter lifts can make a huge difference to your agenda in terms of time. They can be combined with private jet, as a fast connection into the city centre from airport hubs.

Another of the benefits of a helicopter is that they operating at lower altitudes compare to most fixed wing aircrafts, therefore, they can also be hired for the best sightseeing flights, to enjoy a birdlike view .

Types of Helicopters

Helicopters can be classified into two families: single engine and twin engine.

Single Engine

Compare to the others, single engine helicopters are smaller, less expensive to charter and ideal for short, daylight flights.

Most common single engine helicopters which are available for hire include the Bell 206L LongRanger and Eurocopter AS 350B2 Single Engine Squirrel.


Twin Engine

Twin engine helicopters are big and fast machines, often required for safety reasons by organizations and institutions, or for night flights.

Most common twin engine helicopters which are available for hire include Agusta A109 Power, AS355 Twin Squirrel, and Eurocopter EC155.




Here are some examples of helicopter charter service we can organize:
Birdlike filming & photography
Airport shuttle 
Sport match 
Corporate entertaining 
Emergency medical flights 
Business travel 
Private experience
Freight Forwarding 
Sightseeing city tours 
Luxury hotel helicopter shuttle 
Ski resort helicopter shuttle 
Studies and surveys 
Weddings Here are some examples of helicopter charter service we can organize:


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