10 business travel tips we should all know

Tuesday 21 June 2022 Blog, Business, Tips & Hints

Here's how to travel for business in total comfort and make the most of your trip

Travelling for work is a great way to discover new places while closing deals with your clients or achieve specific business goals.

In order to make the most of your journey, it is vital to know how to organise and what to do before leaving, during the flight and after disembarkation. So, here are ten tips that will help you to have a successful – but still relaxing – business trip.

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#1 Travel light

A business trip usually doesn't last long, so having a hand luggage is the best way to travel light. Take only what you need for your meetings and work events.

Or, if you please, pack clothes that you can mix and match to save space. Don't forget to check the weather forecast for the city you're travelling to: this will also help you know what to pack.

#2 Make the most of your flight time

They say that time is of the essence.

In business and work, time is very short, so if you have any unfinished business, make the most of your flight time. Go over your presentation, study your client, or send the emails you had pending.

The good news? If you charter a private jet, you can do that in total comfort and relax.

#3 Organise your agenda

Something very important before leaving on a business trip is to check that all the tasks to be done are set in the agenda in order to have an impeccable business meeting.

Make sure your agenda is well-organised with the following points:

  • Client information
  • Client names and titles
  • Locations and times of where you will meet
  • Means of transport and alternatives
  • Recommended restaurants
  • Have presentations and documents ready to share

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#4 Adequate accommodation

Even if your business trip is only for a day or even a few hours, accommodation is key to the success of your business meeting.

Bear in mind that the perfect accommodation for a business trip is between the business location, the airport or a train station.

Similarly, choose a business hotel that has a meeting room, cafeteria, and Wi-Fi connection.

#5 The best place to negotiate

To close business deals, we recommend that you forget about holding meetings in an executive hotel or offices.

A study revealed that the part of the brain that begins to make decisions is the most primitive, which reacts to sensory stimuli.

Therefore, the recommendation is to take your client out of the comfort zone; take them to a restaurant, golf course, bar, bowling alley, etc.

interior of private jet

#6 Prepare your body and mind for travel

The coming and going of a trip together with the organisation of it and the timetable changes are usually very tiring, which can disturb your body and mind.

This is known as jet lag.

Here are a little advice to avoid this discomfort:

  1. Sleeping well before travelling
  2. Eating well
  3. Staying hydrated
  4. Having a good coffee and breakfast in the morning

#7 Combining business and pleasure

Of course, it doesn't have to be all about work on your business trip, as you can combine it perfectly with pleasure.

Once you've finished your work duties, take some time to see the landmarks of the city you've travelled to, go for a swim, have dinner or just walk around.

This will help you to clear your mind, think and reflect on your business meeting without pressure.

#8 What to avoid on a business trip

If you want to be successful on your business trip, you should avoid actions that could jeopardise the meeting, the negotiations and above all your work.

So be a professional and avoid doing the following:

  • Arriving late for the meeting
  • Not having any knowledge of the client and the negotiations
  • Angering the client
  • Arriving drunk or drinking during the meeting
  • Overspending
  • Believing you are on holiday

#9 Check your payment receipts

One should never forget to request all payment receipts for expenses related to the trip: restaurants, hotels, transport, etc.

It is essential to know how to adapt to the budget envisaged by the company for the trip.

#10 Choose a charter flight to travel in total comfort and leisure

If you choose to fly with us, you will benefit of several advantages, and here are a few:

👉🏻 No more exhausting queues during check-ins and metal detector controls; you will be led to the lounge area by our staff

👉🏻 You can arrive at the airport just half an hour prior to takeoff instead of two hours as it usually happens with commercial airliners

👉🏻 You can choose your fellow travellers, meaning no stranger sitting next to you during the flight

👉🏻 With the business setup, you can still work during the flight and relax in the luxury suite

👉🏻 You can request several services such as a chef and a barman on board, a relaxing massage or a beauty treatment

👉🏻 No more dead time after disembarkation: you will find your luggage straight after you arrive at the destination

Want more information? Discover all the benefits of choosing Fast Private Jet and ask for a free quote!

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In this article, we talked about ten business travel tips we should all know to fly comfortably and in total relax. In this way, you will have a successful business trip and will be able to achieve your goals.

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