Paris 2024 Olympics: Where to Buy Tickets and Why Choose a Private Jet

Friday 24 May 2024 Blog, Worldwide Events

The Paris Olympic Games promise a spectacle like never before: the countdown has already begun

The Olympics return to Paris exactly 100 years since the last time and will take place from July 26th to August 11th.

For Paris, it will be the third time, after the editions of 1900 and 1924, and it will equal London in this particular record.

For the first time in Olympic history, the opening ceremony will not be held inside a stadium but along the Seine River, promising to be a truly spectacular and unmissable event.

In addition to the 28 main sports, there will also be sport climbing, surfing, skateboarding, and for the first time, breakdancing.

The Olympics will, as always, be an opportunity to admire the world's most skilled athletes and witness the sporting values ​​so dear to Pierre de Coubertin of loyalty, sacrifice, and valor.

The mascot of the Games will be Phryge, a character inspired by the typical red caps of the French Revolution and will symbolize unity, freedom, and courage.

This edition, under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, is highly anticipated, and the countdown among athletes and fans from all over the world has already begun.

The Paris Games will be a global event not to be missed. Imagine the excitement of experiencing it live, in person, in one of the most fascinating cities in the world. If you don't want to miss this unique opportunity, you can reach the event in no time on a charter private jet.

Let's briefly look at the schedule of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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Paris 2024 Olympics: The city becomes a massive Olympic village

The Parisian Olympics will be right in the heart of the city, allowing athletes and the public to experience the architectural and artistic beauties of Paris in their entirety.

The entire city, in short, will be a massive Olympic village! Imagine the charm of seeing Paris in this special and unprecedented guise.

The athletes' village will be on Île-Saint-Denis, while the Eiffel Tower will serve as the backdrop for the Triathlon, and the Seine, which will become swimmable even for citizens, will host swimming and a running track.

The Champs Elysées will be the venue for the cycling races, with the magical backdrop of the Arc de Triomphe, just like in the Tour de France.

The Grand Palais will host fencing, and the gardens of the Eiffel Tower, the Champs de Mars, will see beach volleyball champions compete. Basketball games and judo matches will take place in the Bercy Arena, while the athletics track will be set up between the Grand Palais and Les Invalides.

Equestrian events, on the other hand, will be held at the fabulous location of the Palace of Versailles.

These will be the first Olympics with a low environmental impact. In fact, 95% of the facilities are already existing, and there won't be a risk of building white elephant structures abandoned after the event. There will be a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the last edition, and athlete travel will be minimized because each competition will take place close to where they will be staying.

They will indeed be environmentally friendly, sustainable, and entirely green Olympic Games!

Vista panoramica di Parigi sulla Senna | Fast Private Jet

The schedule of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games

As we mentioned earlier, the Paris Olympics of 2024 will take place from Friday, July 26th to Sunday, August 11th.

The sports that will participate are:

  • Sport Climbing;
  • Athletics;
  • Badminton;
  • Basket;
  • Beach Volley;
  • Break dance;
  • Football;
  • Canoeing;
  • Slalom;
  • Rowing;
  • Cycling;
  • Gymnastics;
  • Golf;
  • Hockey;
  • Judo;
  • Wrestling;
  • Swimming;
  • Basketball;
  • Handball;
  • Water polo;
  • Volleyball;
  • Pentathlon;
  • Boxing;
  • Rugby;
  • Fencing;
  • Skateboarding;
  • Weightlifting;
  • Equestrian;
  • Surfing;
  • Taekwondo;
  • Tennis;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Archery;
  • Shooting;
  • Trampoline;
  • Triathlon;
  • Diving;
  • Sailing.

Gianmarco Tamberi and Arianna Errigo will be the flag bearers for Italy. Tennis champion Jannik Sinner is naturally one of the most anticipated athletes, and of course, the entire country is rooting for him.

To not miss the show, you can purchase tickets for Paris 2024 on the official Olympic Games website.

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Experience the spectacle of the Paris 2024 Olympics by flying on a private jet

If you want to fully experience the extraordinary excitement of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, you can reach the French capital aboard a chartered private jet.

This is definitely the ideal choice for those who want to fly in complete comfort, luxury, and reach the sporting event quickly and without any stress.

Fast Private Jet guarantees you a fast journey, cabins equipped with every comfort, and a crew always ready to fulfill every request.

Furthermore, flying on a private jet allows you to have total privacy and peace, without the bothersome airport queues, long checks, and exhausting bureaucratic procedures.

You can customize your flight, make adjustments, and fly in a refined and elegant environment, thus experiencing an incredible journey surrounded by luxury and comfort.

You'll be able to enjoy the journey and reach the Parisian Olympics without anxiety or stress, enjoying catering that caters to every taste, with sophistication, quality, and taste, along with impeccable, fast, and courteous service.

Book now a chartered private jet to reach the Paris 2024 Olympics and don't miss this great global spectacle!


  • The Paris 2024 Olympics mark the return of the Games to the city after exactly 100 years, promising a spectacle like never before. With innovative opening ceremonies and the introduction of new sports like breakdancing, this edition combines tradition and innovation, celebrating sporting values ​​in the context of one of the most fascinating cities in the world.
  • These Olympics will be the first with a low environmental impact, with 95% of the structures already existing and a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to previous editions. This commitment to sustainability makes the event not only a sporting occasion but also an example of how large-scale events can be conducted responsibly towards the environment.
  • With a wide range of sports ranging from sport climbing to surfing, from breakdancing to beach volleyball, the Paris Olympics offer an eclectic program that caters to the tastes of every sports enthusiast. The innovation in the sports program reflects the diversity and inclusivity of the event, offering new opportunities to both athletes and spectators.
  • For those who wish to experience the Paris 2024 Olympics in the utmost comfort and style, flying on a chartered private jet offers a unique opportunity. By avoiding long airport queues and enjoying personalized services, passengers can quickly reach the event and enjoy every moment of the journey in a luxurious and refined environment.
  • If you want to attend the Paris 2024 Olympics in style, you can book a chartered private jet to quickly reach the French capital and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the event. With Fast Private Jet, you can ensure a stress-free journey and fully enjoy the global sporting spectacle without logistical worries.


Where can I buy tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympics?

Tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympics can be purchased through the official event website or authorized resellers.

Why should I choose a private jet to reach the Paris 2024 Olympics?

Choosing a private jet to reach the Paris 2024 Olympics offers comfort, luxury, and speed. Avoid long airport waits, customize your journey, and enjoy an exclusive travel experience.

What is the programme for the Paris 2024 Olympics?

The program of the Paris 2024 Olympics includes a wide range of sports, from athletics to surfing, with events distributed across various iconic locations in the city such as the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, and the Palace of Versailles.

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