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10 places to see and visit if you stop in Vienna

Even though many people associate Vienna to cold-hearted and aged people, this city is a lot more than this cliché.

A suitable destination for every traveller, not only can Vienna offer you art, culture, and history, but also shopping, dining, and sightseeing.But let's go straight to the point: here are ten must-sees of the Austrian capital and how to reach the city in comfort and luxury.

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1. Hofburg and Sissy Museum 

The top attraction in Vienna is the Hofburg, the Imperial Palace, the Habsburg palace in the heart of the capital, an exuberance of richly decorated rooms that will transport you into the magical world of Viennese nobility. 

During your visit to Hofburg you will have the chance to enter the private rooms of Sissy and Franz, the most famous imperial couple of the Habsburg dynasty, made immortal by a hit 1950s film saga. You will be able to see the gymnasium where Sissy, a fanatic of the figure, exercised every day, the boudoir where her hair was styled, the studio where Franz worked as early as 4 a.m., the imperial bedroom and many other rooms. 

All your curiosity about Empress Elisabeth's life will be satisfied by the museum dedicated to her, the Sissy Museum, which chronicles her life from her birth in Bavaria to her tragic assassination in Geneva, between reality and myth. 

Hundreds of Sissy's personal items are on display at the museum, including dresses, accessories, cosmetics, and even the death certificate.

2. Schoenbrunn Palace 

In the summer, the Habsburg court moved to the no less sumptuous Schoenbrunn Palace, a marvelous Baroque palace surrounded by an immense park, so large that you can ride around in a little train.

In the first place the romantic, fairy-tale Schoenbrunn Palace was located outside the city, in the open countryside, but in modern times it was incorporated by the Viennese suburbs and today can be quickly reached by subway

Events that changed European history, such as the Congress of Vienna and the end of the Habsburg monarchy, took place in its elegant halls; Emperor Franz Joseph was born here, and a very young Mozart made his first public appearances before the Habsburg court. 

3. Belvedere Castle 

The only one of Vienna's most famous princely palaces not built at the behest of the Habsburgs is Belvedere Castle, founded by the wealthy Prince Eugene of Savoy, a condottiere in the service of Austria who distinguished himself in the fight against the Turks. 

The prince spared no expense in decorating his Viennese palace, which was so beautiful that upon his death the Habsburgs decided to grab it. Even if you can't get enough of royal courts, you must include Belvedere Castle in your holiday plans for a simple reason: today the castle is a prestigious museum venue displaying the world's largest collection of Austrian art

The centrepiece of the collection is a world-famous painting, Klimt's Kiss: you have seen it on countless stationery items such as posters, diaries, pencil cases, postcards, now come experience the thrill of admiring the original.

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4. Albertina 

Formerly used as a residence for the emperor's guests, the Albertina now houses the world's leading collection of graphic art. Started in 1768 by Maria Theresa's son-in-law, Duke Albert of Sachsen-Teschen, the collection has about one and a half million prints and 50,000 drawings, including the world's largest collection of drawings by Durer (as many as 145), 43 by Raphael, 70 by Rembrandt, and 150 by Schiele. The collection also houses numerous drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rubens, Bruegel, Cézanne, Picasso, and Matisse

For obvious reasons of space, only a fraction of the impressive amount of drawings and prints held in the Albertina archives are displayed in the room on a rotating basis. 

5. Hundertwasserhaus, the famous colorful house 

The famous façade of the colorful Hundertwasser House Imperial Vienna is the best-known face of the Austrian capital, but the city's architectural heritage is not limited to sumptuous Habsburg palaces. 

Even after the fall of the monarchy, Vienna continued to maintain a leading role in the fields of art and architecture. An original testimony to this vitality is the Hundertwasserhaus, a house with a colourful façade that invariably attracts the gaze of those who pass through for the first time. 

The building is named after the artist who designed it, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. 

6. City Hall Square

The liveliest square in Vienna is the centrally located Rathausplatz, the town hall square, which is the scene of numerous events throughout the year: the city's largest Christmas market is held here, as well as the packed summer Musikfilm festivalthe Life Ball (a charity event dedicated to the fight against AIDS), New Year's Eve fireworks, and a variety of other outdoor performances. 

The very elegant square is dominated by the Rathaus (town hall), a stunning neo-Gothic building erected between 1872 and 1883 designed on the model of Flemish city halls by Friedrich von Schmidt, former master builder of Cologne Cathedral.

Atop the town hall tower defies the elements for hundreds of years the Rathausmann, a statue of a medieval knight whose armour was modelled after that of Emperor Maximilian I. In the winter months, a huge ice skating rink is set up in the town hall square, adding to the charm of an already highly atmospheric location. 

7. St. Stephen's Cathedral 

The magnificent St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom in German), a Gothic masterpiece dating back to the 11th century, is one of Vienna's iconic monuments, located in the heart of the Innere Stadt, the city's historic centre.

Even from a distance you can make out its tall towers, curiously of different heights: you can climb the south tower, the tallest, to enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view of the old city. 

Another feature that makes St. Stephen's Cathedral immediately recognizable is its colourful roof of glazed tiles forming the solemn images of the two-headed eagle, symbol of the Habsburg Empire, the coat of arms of the city of Vienna and that of the Austrian nation. 

8. Vienna Christmas Markets 

One of Vienna's most famous tourist attractions is certainly its wonderful Christmas markets: scattered a bit throughout the city, they add charm and magic to a capital city that looks like the location of a fairy tale film. Browse the Christmas markets in seek of decorations for your home or fine and original gift ideas for friends and family; warm up with a hot punch during your search. 

If you love shopping at markets, however, you don't have to wait for Christmas: the colourful Naschmarkt market, a sort of tidier bazaar where you can buy a bit of everything, is open year-round, Monday through Saturday. 

9. Museum of Art History 

Partly due to the Habsburgs' passion for art collecting or perhaps more to their desire for ostentation, and partly due to a cultural ferment that is still very much alive today, Vienna is a city full of interesting museums, both of ancient and contemporary art. 

If you only have time for one museum, we recommend the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the prestigious Museum of Art History just a stone's throw from the Hofburg. 

Housed inside a magnificent palace, the museum is divided into multiple collections that include the numismatic cabinet, the Egyptian art collection, a collection of ancient art, and the Kunstkammer, a prestigious collection of decorative arts. The most famous collection in this museum is the Pinakothek, which holds masterpieces by the likes of Rubens, Rembrandt, Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto, Caravaggio, Canaletto, Dürer, Cranach, Holbein, van Dyck, and Velázquez, as well as the most important collection of paintings by Bruegel the Elder in the world.

10. Mozart House-Museum 

The brilliant composer Wolfang Amadeus Mozart loved Vienna much more than his hometown of Strasbourg. Go see the house where he lived some of the happiest and most prolific years of his life and where he composed some of his most famous works, such as the Marriage of Figaro

Mozarthaus occupies three floors of a historic building on Domgasse: one is the flat where Mozart lived with his familythe other two are a museum, with one section devoted to Mozart's music and another that will give you an in-depth insight into the Vienna of those years and the social and cultural context. 

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