Private jet to Saudi Arabia: how to fly comfortably to Riyadh

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These are the nine places you cannot (absolutely) miss a visit in Saudi Arabia

An exceptional destination and among the most desired by travellers is Saudi Arabia. A country open to tourism that preserves an immense heritage made of authentic natural paradises, archaeological sites, and a unique history. 

Let's discover together what to absolutely visit in this exceptional place.

#1 Mecca, the holiest city in Islam

A visit to Mecca, the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and a popular pilgrimage destination for Muslim tourists since time immemorial, certainly cannot be missed. In fact, every believer has a religious duty to visit it at least once in a lifetime, according to what is written in the Quran. It is located in the western part of Saudi Arabia, and is the holiest city in Islam.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia | Fast Private Jet

#2 Jeddah, immense wealth

Then we could not forget to mention Jeddah, the country's second-largest city after the capital Riyadh. It lies on the shores of the Red Sea, and is influenced by the great heat coming from the desert, but always mitigated by the sea. Don't miss the Corniche, the beautiful waterfront, the King Fahd Fountain, the tallest in the world, and Al Balad, the old town.

#3 Al Wahbah, one of the largest volcanic craters on the planet

This exceptional country teems with isolated and little-known places. One of these is Al Wahbah Crater, one of the largest volcanic craters on the planet. It has walls up to 250 meters high and a diameter of 2 kilometres.

#4 AlUla, another Petra

Not to be missed is certainly AlUla considered the Petra of Saudi Arabia. It is nestled among the Hijaz mountains in a desert setting. There are so many attractions to visit in this city, from the archaeological site of Hegra, passing through its old city where pilgrims resided during their journey from Damascus to Mecca, finishing the visit to the emblematic Elephant Rock.

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#5 Rijal Almaa, with typical traditional Arab architecture

Rijal Almaa is a picturesque village famous for its typical traditional Arab architecture. It is located in an area characterized by high mountains that reach as high as 3,000 meters and offer truly outstanding scenery.

#6 Rub'al-Khali, "fourth part" after sky, land, and sea

Moreover, wonderful is the Rub'al-Khali, the "fourth emptiness" in the sense of the fourth part after sky, land, and sea. It is among the largest sand deserts in the world, and covers the southernmost part of the Arabian Peninsula, namely Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

#7 Farasan, with over a hundred islands

A trip to Saudi Arabia is certainly not without a stop at the sea, such as the Farasan Islands. Located about 50 km off the coast off the city of Jizan, it is an archipelago of more than a hundred islands, caressed by the clear, coral-rich waters of the Red Sea.

#8 Tabuk, nature and culture

Culture and nature again, but this time with Tabuk, considered the northern gateway to the Arabian Peninsula. According to tradition, Muhammad spent 10 days here during the ninth year of the Hegira. But what makes this place particularly attractive are its surroundings, which are full of valleys that are nothing short of spectacular. Not to be missed is Wadi Disah, a red rock canyon in which a lush, palm-filled oasis has grown.

#9 The Edge of the World, another planet

Finally, among the must-sees in Saudi Arabia is The Edge of the World, whose official name is Jebel Fihrayn. The nickname "edge of the world" was created to emphasize the incredible landscape that can be admired from here and gives the feeling of being on another planet.

Medina, Saudi Arabia | Fast Private Jet

Why you should choose Fast Private Jet to reach Saudi Arabia

As you know, air connections offered by scheduled airlines are tied to specific dates and times, to which you must adapt. A private plane, on the other hand, can depart from an airport of your choice on the date and time decided by you in agreement with the fleet.

The time factor is one of the most important when travelling, and chartering a plane with a pilot also guarantees another advantage in this regard: normally, in fact, you need to go to the airport at least a couple of hours before the take-off time. Between checking in, checking out, dropping off your checked luggage, and waiting for boarding in the gate lobby, you'll lose valuable time that you could be using otherwise.

Here, by booking a private jet, you'll be able to arrive at the airport very calmly since you won't have to wait in any lines: in fact, our staff will accompany you to boarding using the area reserved for charter flights.

In addition, you won't have to spend your flight time staring at the clouds from the porthole, but you will have plenty of amenities that will brighten your trip. 

Here are some examples.

Just like in the movies, by booking a private jet for rent, you will be able to take advantage of tons of packages tailored to your needs. If you are flying to Saudi Arabia for the holidays and want to get off on the right foot, you may want to start relaxing already during the flight with your partner or children.

In this case, among the various options that we at Fast Private Jet put on your plate are:

  • The availability of an on-board chef
  • Luxurious suites
  • A catering service
  • A big screen that will make you feel like you're at the movies
  • Beauty treatments
  • A relaxing massage

Whatever you want to have available in your cabin, we will be happy to provide it for you. But let's assume that you are a very busy person and want to take advantage of every good moment to get you ahead in your work: in that case, we can offer you the business set-up, that is, a set of furniture and equipment that won't make you miss your office.

But our service does not end the moment the jet's wheels touch the tarmac of the airstrip. Once you arrive at your destination, if you wish, we will have refreshments waiting for you in the VIP area of the airport and a car or, even, a helicopter to take you where you want to go.

Of course, the cost of a private jet depends on so many factors, and in order for us to give you a detailed quote, we need you to let us know where you want to start from, where you want to arrive, how many passengers there will be, and what services you want to take advantage of.

To do so, just go to our website, and click on the 'Book' button: we will be glad to meet your requests.

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In this article, we had a look at the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia, and discussed the main benefits of flying by private jet. 

So, are you ready to take off?

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