Private jet to Sharm el-Sheikh: enjoy the wonders of the Red Sea

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The best must-sees of Sharm el-Sheikh you (probably) never thought of

Are you looking the best way to reach Sharm el Sheikh?

Whether it is for your honeymoon, a family trip, or a business trip, there is a convenient solution that will let you enjoy the journey as well.

Yes, the journey as well.

Are you wondering how?

Keep reading this article and have a look at the best places to visit and the best activities to do in Sharm el-Sheikh with your fellow travellers.

1. Naama Bay

Naama Bay is the most popular and the best equipped beach in Sharm el-Sheikh.

It is the area where the commercial district and modern urbanization of Sharm el-Sheikh is developed. The waters are ideal for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. For nightlife lovers, there are also numerous nightclubs.

2. Ras Muhammad National Park

This is a nature reserve that comprises both sea and land with dunes, gravel plains, and mountains of granite. 

Numerous animal species can be seen here, including rare bird specimens.

Located at the southern tip of Sinai, this nature reserve covers 480 square kilometres and offers a panorama that is nothing short of splendid: unspoilt deserts, white sandy beaches, and perfect sites for snorkelling and bathing with the possibility of viewing some of the most important exotic species. 

There is also a saltwater lake.

3. Ras Um Sid and the Barrier Reef

One of the most beautiful beaches in Sharm is Ras Um Sid, in the southern part of the city, in the lighthouse area. It is a small beach but a great spot to reach the reef and go diving and snorkelling while admiring the colours of the Red Sea seabed.

It is impossible to miss the coral reef here, the best in Sharm, better preserved than the more famous one in Naama Bay. 

Ideal for sports enthusiasts, but also for families and young people on their honeymoon.

The Barrer Reef, Sharm el-Sheikh | Fast Private Jet

4. Nabq Bay

Nabq Bay is one of the main centres forming the hinterland of Sharm-el Sheikh. Situated in front of the island of Tiran, once again we are talking about snorkelling and diving: how can you give up such a beautiful sea to admire life underwater!

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5. Pharaoh's Island Fortress

Pharaoh's Island is located in the Gulf of Aqba, about 250 metres from the coast, and can be reached by hydrofoil in about two hours. 

The highlight of the island is the impressive fortress, built by the Crusaders in the 12th century to defend pilgrims travelling between Jerusalem and the Monastery of St Catherine. From the top of the fortress you have a unique view of no less than four countries: Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. 

The fortress is in perfect medieval style and is characterized by towers and arched passageways.

6. Old Market

Also known as the 'Old Market', the old town is a culturally rich and lively place to shop and enjoy Sharm's characteristic climate.

Here, take some time to explore a great place to soak up the typical Sharm atmosphere. Here you can find everything from handicrafts to tons of typical spices and herbs. However, be prepared to haggle if you want to shop – never accept the first price offered unless you're shopping in a fixed-price shop.

7. Al-Mustafa Mosque

A mosque with a unique style and striking architecture: with its splendid marble façade, impressive dome, and several towering minarets, it is a place of worship that conveys peace and relaxation. It is currently not possible to enter it, but the outdoor area is worth a visit.

Al-Mustafa Mosque | Fast Private Jet

8. Heavenly Cathedral

Heavenly Cathedral is the largest Coptic Orthodox church in Sharm. It is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the world, and with good reason: inside there are impressive frescoes and religious murals depicting biblical scenes.

Erected in just two years, it is located in the Hay el Noor district, near the Al-Mustafa Mosque (900 metres, about a 10-minute walk).

9. Wadi Mander (Mander Valley)

You cannot leave Sharm without taking part in the nighttime stargazing excursion to the Mander Valley. Perfect for people of all ages, from children to the elderly, you can experience the thrill of the desert ride and the Bedouin hospitality. 

The evening begins with an Egyptian feast in a tent and by candlelight.

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In this article, we discussed the main places to visit in Sharm el-Sheikh and explained in a few words how to book and customize a flight with Fast Private Jet.

We will be happy to help you organize everything, from A to Z of your trip to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Hope to see you very soon!

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