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  1. What to see in Sardinia (apart from beaches): seven must-sees of this beautiful island

Why is Sardinia also called the land of giants?

The popular imagination has believed that this island had tombs for men of colossal stature who lived on the island in the past; others claim that massive bones were found inside them; still others link them to tombstones belonging to the legendary Atlantis.

Full of mystery, history, and enchantment, not only is Sardinia a tourist destination for the pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, but for a lot more.

Let's have a look, though, at the best places to visit on this beautiful island (apart from beaches).

1. The Nuraghe of Barumini

The first time someone sees the Nuraghe di Barumini, it will be a great emotion for two reasons. 

Nuraghi are one of the strongest symbols of the island, and this one in particular is definitely one of the best preserved you can find in Sardinia.

You get there by reaching the village of the same name, in the interior of the island, in the area called Marmilla. The nuraghe appears imposing in all its majesty, immersed in a beautiful flat land of green meadows, olive trees and Mediterranean scrub.

The visit is very rewarding, as one gets an idea of how Sardinians might have lived thousands of years ago, in addition to the immense astonishment of trying to understand how it was possible to construct certain buildings, made of heavy boulders, presumably found kilometres away from the site, in such remote times.

Besides, really esthetical, well-kept and by all odds interesting is the adjoining museum Casa Zapata, which every expert would recommend visiting after seeing the nuraghe.

The visit is a nice stop on the classic summer itinerary in Sardinia, but the structure can be visited at any time of the year.

The route is also very exciting if you are in the company of children, as it will be like discovering something different and unquestionably out of the ordinary.

In other words: absolutely worth a visit!

2. The Porto Flavia mine near Iglesias

Another unmissable place in southern Sardinia is the Porto Flavia mine, a stone's throw from the village of Nebida, in the Iglesias region, and attached to the beautiful beach of Masua.

Many Sardinian grandfathers of this generation probably spent a lifetime working in the mines near Carbonia, and this place is certainly one of the most fascinating to visit in this area.

Porto Flavia was not actually a real mine, but an excavation inside the mountain, which allowed the passage of the rail convoys that transported the mining material to the ships.

In fact, the mine has a spectacular view of the sea, with the Sugar Loaf rock in the background, from which the material went directly into the ships.

Its construction was a real revolution for the times, as previously goods were transported in oxen- or donkey-drawn carts.

Masua, Pan di Zucchero, Nebida | Fast Private Jet

3. The Cala Gonone Aquarium

Perhaps the Cala Gonone aquarium is the only aquarium in Sardinia, or at least the most beautiful and famous. If you are in the area, perhaps with your children, a visit here is a must, since it is home to numerous species of aquatic animals, which you can observe in their natural habitat.

Just as an example, inside you will find jellyfish, crabs, chameleons, sharks, and turtles. In short, it is a very nice way to spend a different afternoon.

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4. Alghero

Alghero is a beautiful town on the west coast of Sardinia, in a fairly northerly position. The history of Alghero is quite singular, since it was long dominated by the Aragonese, from whom it inherited the language they spoke. Thus, people from Alghero speak Catalan and not Sardinian.

Apart from this minor peculiarity, Alghero remains a very precious town, with a beautiful old centre and some excellent restaurants specializing in fish cuisine, which is the speciality of Alghero (unlike in other parts of Sardinia, where meat is the main course).

5. Bosa

Not far from Alghero, there is another village that is definitely worth a visit. We are talking about Bosa, a small village on the banks of the River Tirso, Sardinia's only navigable river.

What is striking about Bosa is its centre, within which, its ancient houses seem to rest one on top of the other, while their façades are painted in splendid pastel colours, giving it a unique and recognizable appearance.

Bosa is often nominated as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, precisely because of its particular and special beauty, so if you are passing through these parts, we invite you to stop, even if only for a few hours, to see this little Sardinian jewel with your own eyes.

6. The Nuragic Sanctuary of Santa Cristina

Among the places of interest that we have mentioned so far, the Nuragic Sanctuary of Santa Cristina is certainly one of those that has most left its mark.

It can be reached directly from the 131 road, Sardinia's main thoroughfare, near the municipality of Paulilatino.

Among the main attractions inside, the fascinating well of Santa Cristina certainly deserves a mention. It is decidedly striking for its linear appearance and precise geometry, such that it is hard to believe that it dates back to 1000 BC.

Inside, there is a perennial water table that leaves the water level always constant. In reality, despite various suppositions, it is not clear exactly what the function of the well might have been.

Certainly, water-related cults or rituals were performed, but there are supporters of the thesis that this place was an astronomical observation point. The mysteries surrounding the well are many and growing ever thicker. 

Within the nuragic area, there is also a beautiful single-tower nuraghe.

7. Cagliari

Cagliari is a rich and varied city, where the imprints of the Spanish rulers are still very evident, to the point that in some areas you would struggle to understand whether you are in Cagliari or Barcelona, a city directly on the sea, with its characteristic La Marina district, its narrow streets and that exotic scent that makes it irresistible.

A city that has the sea at home, indeed its Poetto is kilometres long and its sea, on the right day, is truly enchanting. An uphill and downhill city, impossible for a novice cyclist, but capable of offering unique views, no matter if from the top of its San Remy bastion, from that of Santa Croce or from the top of Mount Urpinu.

A warm or windy city in summer, humid in winter, with an unmistakable charm, hidden between the narrow streets of the old Castello quarter and the wide, busy boulevards.

Cagliari is a lively and impetuous pearl, difficult to live in perhaps for those who love flat land, but ideal for those who love the sea and fairy-tale atmospheres.

Bastione Saint Remy, Cagliari | Fast Private Jet

How to reach Sardinia in comfort and luxury

So, are you thinking of organizing your next journey to the island of giants?

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Then, you will have the possibility to customize your flight. This means you can choose:

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Which extras am I referring to?

Beauty treatments, catering service, massages, TV screen with sound cinema effect, cosy and luxurious suites and so on.

In other words, every wish will be fulfilled.

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In this article, we discussed some of the best places to visit in Sardinia and how to reach it by private jet.

We would be glad to help you arrange your flight and first transfer to Sardinia.

Hope to see you soon!

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