Private jet to Seoul: the best way to fly to South Korea

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Discovering Seoul: here's the best choice to reach this city and the top ten of the best places to visit 

Are you planning a trip to Seoul and looking for a better way to reach it?

Here's why you should choose Fast Private Jet.

Moreover, in this article, we will have a look at the best places to visit in Seoul.

Seoul, Korea | Fast Private Jet

How to reach Seoul comfortably and in total relaxation

Reaching the capital of South Korea could take at least thirteen hours by plane, which is a very long – and sometimes stressful – journey.

Whether you are going to Seoul for business or leisure, you should have the possibility to relax also during the flight.

And you know what?

With Fast Private Jet, it is now possible.

Firstly, you can decide when to leave, that means you choose the date and the time of departure and not the other way round, as it normally happens with commercial airlines.

Once you find the perfect day to take off, you can rent a private jet for you and the passengers you want: family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, or even just your partner. 

This means you can travel comfortably without prying eyes during the whole flight.

And since it's a long distance journey, perhaps you want to work on the plane.

With the business set-up, the crew will turn the cabin into a flying office, where you will be able to use your laptop and the Wi-Fi connection on board.

But there's more.

We can customize your flight thanks to the several services on board, such as:

  • Luxurious suites to have a nap
  • Cosy armchairs, TV screen and sound with cinema effect
  • Beauty treatments
  • Long total body massages
  • Catering service with chef and barman on board

In other words, every with will be fulfilled! All you have to do is ask.

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The ten must-sees of Seoul 

#1 Bukchon Hanok Village

On a hill situated between the royal palaces of Changdeokgung and Gyeongbokgung is one of Seoul's top attractions, Bukchon Hanok Village. This village is home to hundreds of traditional Korean dwellings, called 'Hanok'.

Today these small buildings house restaurants, guest houses, and teahouses, and are the beating heart of a lively neighbourhood where you can admire the architecture of typical Korean houses. Moreover, the view from the hill offers a splendid view of Seoul. 

In a nutshell? 

Definitely on your list of things to visit in Seoul.

#2 Gangnam

The word Gangnam literally means 'south of the river'. This elegant district of Seoul, which lies just south of the Han River, was made famous by the singer Psy, whose hit 'Gandam Style' brought it into the world spotlight. Gandam offers several attractions that have become unmissable for international travellers and Koreans alike.

Among these are:

  1. The COEX mall, one of Korea's largest shopping malls, which also houses the famous SM Town and the Starfield Library
  2. The Bongeunsa temple, an oasis of peace and serenity in the heart of one of the world's largest metropolises
  3. The Samsung D'light Museum, dedicated to Samsung's new products

#3 Gyeongbokgung Palace

This is the most important of Seoul's five royal palaces. This gem – with an almost unpronounceable name – is a vivid representation of a lifestyle, that of the court of the Joseon dynasty, which profoundly influenced Korean culture.

Inside the palace, in addition to the chambers that housed the royals and highest civil servants, are the Huwon Garden and the beautiful Gyeonghoeru Pavilion. Also housed are the National Palace Museum and the National Folk Museum, where you can see for yourself the traditional lifestyle of the Korean people of that period.

Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul | Fast Private Jet

#4 N-Seoul Tower

The Namsan Tower is one of the most iconic attractions in Seoul. Appearing in so many dramas and films, from the top of its observatory you can enjoy a spectacular, practically 360-degree view of the entire city. 

The N-Tower is reached by taking a cable car (Namsan Cable Car) that leads right to the entrance of the tower (those who don't like cable cars can also take a bus). 

It's a must-see attraction on your Seoul travel itinerary.

#5 Myeongdong

A shopper's paradise, the Myeongdong district definitely deserves to be on your list of attractions to visit in Seoul, especially if you're looking for a neighbourhood where you can 'take a break', indulge in shopping among the countless shops and, why not, eat in one of the numerous restaurants.

Myeogdong is also famous for hosting major shopping malls, such as Lotte and Shinsega, which have found fertile ground here.

#6 Changdeokgung Palace

Less than a kilometre from Gyeongbokgung is another splendid royal palace, Changdeokgung

UNESCO heritage site since 1997, this building is a masterpiece of traditional Korean architecture.

Built in the 15th century as a secondary residence to the nearby Gyeongbokgung, this complex houses the famous 'secret garden', a garden that was for the exclusive use of the King and ladies of the court.

The garden was built with an attempt to minimize interventions, keeping the already beautiful surroundings as pristine as possible. A visit is highly recommended, especially during spring.

#7 The Banpo Bridge and Hangang Park

This bridge, which spans the Han River, is certainly one of the most fascinating in the whole city. On its sides, along its entire length, fountains have been installed that offer a beautiful spectacle of water and light effects.

Also on the south bank is Hangang Park, from where one can not only admire the spectacle offered by the fountains, but also enjoy a fantastic view of the city. The park is also a perfect place to relax, especially during the weekend when it is bustling with Seoul's many people relaxing or doing some outdoor sports.

#8 Namdaemun Market

Probably the most important traditional market in the whole country, Namdaemun market is one of Seoul's must-see attractions. Here, you can find a little bit of everything, from clothing to kitchen items, from gifts to fresh produce.

The market is open practically around the clock (be careful though, many vendors close around 8pm anyway) and if you want to shop, you should bring cash with you (not all accept credit cards).

Prices are usually very good with good quality (but of course assess the item well before buying it). Also, nearby is Namdaemun Gate, one of Seoul's most impressive and fascinating fortifications.

#9 Cheonggyecheon Canal

It sounds strange, but what is now one of Seoul's most picturesque spots was once a banal expressway. An ambitious project, and much criticized before it was completed, has allowed the creation of a beautiful urban river, very lively at any time of the year (but especially in summer), which has become an attraction that captivates not only tourists, but also Koreans living in the capital.

#10 Gwangjang Market

Are you a fan of street food? Then a visit to Gwangjang market is definitely on your list of things to do in Seoul. 

Here you can find plenty of stalls selling all kinds of 'street food'.

Stools scattered all over the place turn the market into a huge restaurant where you can enjoy the most traditional and tasty street food in Korean cuisine: from bidaetteok to gimbap (we can define it as Korean sushi), from bibimbap to tteokbokki (and much more). 

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In this article, we wanted to give you an insight of the main reasons why you should fly to Seoul with a rental flight. As you may have read, there are tons of advantages that will let you enjoy the flight and get ready for the city with the perfect mood, whichever your reasons to go there are.

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