The Top 10 luxury destinations you can't miss (and how to reach them with a private jet)

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Here are the most luxurious destinations of 2022-23

Thinking of your next holiday but still hesitating about the right destination?

No worries, here we offer you the top ten of the most luxurious destinations you cannot miss.

Get ready!

#1 Soufrière

The small town of Soufrière is located on the west coast of St Lucia in the Caribbean. Although small, to enjoy all it has to offer, it costs £350 per night. 

Musician Mick Jagger owns a house on this beautiful island, famous for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters.

View of a beach in the Caribbean | Fast Private Jet

#2 Paget

Paget, is part of the Bermuda island chain. Its pristine landscapes and nature-infused lifestyle make this island a truly luxurious destination. One night costs around £315. The island is not easily accessible, as there are no regular means of transport.

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#3 Hamilton

It is a small town of about 3,000 inhabitants and the capital of the island of Bermuda. Hamilton lies in a bay in the middle of Bermuda on the Atlantic Ocean. 

This picturesque harbour town offers excellent sightseeing and is famous for water sports. To spend a night in Hamilton, you need to spend £350.

#4 Bora Bora

Bora Bora is an island that is part of the Leeward Islands in the Pacific Ocean. A night spent there costs £675, making it one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world. Celebrities such as Meg Ryan, Charlie Sheen, and Marlon Brando have chosen Bora Bora as their favourite destination.

Discover how to reach Bora Bora by private jet.

#5 Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a city located in the Principality of Monaco. The resort is known for its casino, beaches and skyscrapers. The luxurious lifestyle has made this town the home of many famous people. 

Monte Carlo is often mistakenly referred to as the capital of the Principality of Monaco, but the seat of government is Monaco City. 

However, it cannot be called the capital, being a mere administrative district of the only municipality of Monaco. Spending a night in Monte Carlo costs £354.

View of Monaco | Fast Private Jet

#6 Providenciales 

Providenciales is an island in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. Providenciales' most popular resorts are mainly concentrated in eight kilometres along Grace Bay. The charm of the island goes beyond the dreamy beaches with crystal-clear waters. The entire landscape is noteworthy. The hills surrounding the beaches are full of cacti and ficus trees, creating a distinctive landscape. The island is surrounded by uninhabited islets, which are easily reached by a rented boat. 

A night there will cost you 300 pounds. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are one of the many showbiz couples who have spent their honeymoon on these islands. Among the most notorious celebrities, Julia Roberts and Janet Jackson have been spotted here.

#7 Vieques

Vieques, is both an island and a municipality of Puerto Rico. It is located in the Vieques Strait, in the beautiful strip of sea that separates the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean, called the Strait of the Virgin Islands. It is the penultimate easternmost island of the Greater Antilles and, together with Culebra and numerous smaller reefs and islands, forms the Spanish Virgin Islands archipelago. A night here costs £365 per night. 

It was originally a US military base, but after a campaign in defence of its preservation led by celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Benicio del Toro and Martin Sheen, the island was declared a conservation area.

#8 Moorea

It is one of the most expensive destinations in Polynesia, a night here costs about 430 pounds. 

Thanks to the breathtaking scenery, it has become extremely popular as a destination for an unforgettable honeymoon.

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#9 Southampton

Southampton is a resort located in the Bermuda Islands. It offers lush tropical gardens, pink beaches, crystal clear waters and spectacular sunsets. The resort is known for its ultra-luxury resorts and restaurants ready to satisfy the discerning customer. The various attractions within the resorts make it a popularly expensive tourist destination. Visitors can immerse themselves in the fun by snorkelling or playing on the large golf courses while admiring a beautiful sunset. 

A night in one of the resorts in Southampton costs £330.

#10 Paradise Island

Last but not least, Paradise Island is an island in the Bahamas named for territories so beautiful they seem ultra-terrestrial. The cost for one night is £370. Taylor Swift was one of the celebrities who chose this destination for her holiday.


In this article, we had a look at the ten most luxurious destination of 2022 and compared the prices per night of each destination.

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