Private jet to Bali: 3 huge advantages of charter flights

Friday 28 October 2022 Blog, Top Destinations

Reach the Land of the Gods by experiencing the comfort of a private jet

Do you want to experience a relaxing flight in the company of your family and friends? 

Let's be honest: it's something you can only dream about when flying with commercial airplanes. But now you have a chance to make the most of your trip, starting from the take-off.

Want to know how?

Here are three reasons why you should consider flying to Bali by private jet.

Bali, Indonesia

#1 You will save a lot of time

If on other occasions you have faced an intercontinental flight aboard an airliner, you may have realized that no matter which airline you choose, there is a high probability that a whole range of situations will occur that can compromise both the comfort and the speed of the trip.

Think about the long waits for check-in or baggage claim, delays, strikes, sharing the cabin with noisy passengers, etc.

In short, wasted time and stress are the order of the day and, unfortunately, they might also affect the rest of the trip.

By opting to charter a private jet, however, you can avoid all this and fly while taking advantage of countless benefits!

Among the main ones, we would like to mention without a doubt:

  • The flexibility and the possibility of saving so much time
  • Freedom of customization
  • Privacy

But let's get into the details.

By choosing to fly aboard a private chartered plane, you decide the date and time of departure according to your needs for both the outbound and the return flight.

And, not only that. The availability and punctuality of the aircraft is guaranteed to you by contract, and you, instead of showing up at the airport hours and hours in advance, can arrive shortly before departure, because you won't have to wait in any lines for screening and check-in.

In short, the time savings are substantial and certain!

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#2 Customization and privacy are guaranteed

Well, now let's discuss the other items of our list.

Customization is a strong point of private flights, but what does it really mean? 

It means that you can choose the model and size of a private jet, taking into account how many passengers will be flying with you, how you plan to spend the flight hours (work or relaxation), and more.

Whichever option you choose, you'll be flying on a comfortable, modern, super-luxurious aircraft – an entirely different ballgame from commercial airliners!

And finally, let's talk about privacy.

Forget the hubbub, unpleasant situations, and prying eyes typical of travel aboard commercial planes: on a private jetyou can choose whether to reach Bali alone or in the company of whomever you prefer. 

In short, you are the one who decide!

Bali swing

#3 You can benefit from various services on board (that other companies do not offer)

Another advantage of flying by private jet is that you can customize your flight by asking for some services.

Whether, for instance, you have to fly to Bali with a few co-workers, and need a plane that will give you the opportunity to divide your time between work and leisure, our team might recommend a jet equipped with business set-up, but also with the comforts dedicated to relaxation.

If, on the other hand, your flight to Bali was just the beginning of a special couples' holiday, why not go all out for luxury and exclusivity?

In a case like this, our team could propose an aircraft equipped with all the ideal spaces and amenities to spend your time at its best.

Imagine an extra-luxury master suite where you and your better half can unwind with a massage performed by professionals in the field.

Then, to keep you entertained during the rest of the time, ideally you will have a lounge area with a big screen and panoramic view, where you can sip champagne and enjoy some great finger-foods.

And, again, the kitchen with a starred chef on board to enjoy special dishes just a stone's throw from the stars!

These were just two examples, but whatever your needs and requirements, we at Fast Private Jet will find the ideal solution for you!

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In this article, we discussed the main reasons why you should choose to reach Bali by private jet.

If you would like to know more about the costs and the procedures, we recommend that you summarize in a few points what you want to get out of your flight and what your needs are. In particular, you should be clear on:

  • How many passengers will be flying with you
  • From which airport you plan to depart
  • How you plan to spend your time at high altitude (leisure, work or both?)
  • Whether you need any particular options, services and/or space

The more details you can provide to our team, the more our operators will be able to advise you on everything you need to make a customized charter flight perfect for you.

For the actual booking, you have several options.

Visit our website,, and click on 'Book' to fill out the appropriate form; otherwise, click on Contact Us to access our contact details, to call or e-mail or WhatsApp us.

Our operators will get back to you very quickly and help you make the ideal private flight to Bali.

Hope to see you soon!

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