Private jet to Hawaii: the best way to travel to the Aloha State

Thursday 20 October 2022 Blog, Top Destinations

Travelling to Hawaii? Here's why you should fly by private jet

Is Hawaii your next destination? Forget about the long queues at the airport before take-off and the uncomfortable seats of the plane.

With Fast Private Jet, you will discover another way of flying.

If you are wondering how, keep reading this article, it's right for you.

Guy surfing, Hawaii

A charter flight means less downtime and more relaxation

Whether you have decided to go to Hawaii for business or pleasure, who doesn't want to enjoy a worry-free flight?

No one, of course!

But when it comes to going to the airport, checking in, going through the metal detector and waiting to board the plane... well, that's not the picture we dream of, especially for intercontinental flights like this one.

Simply put, flying on a chartered plane means making the most of your time.


First, you can decide the date and time of both your outbound and return flight – this means you do not have to adjust to airline availability.

Second, you can arrive at the airport only thirty minutes before take-off, because you will go through the controls in the VIP area while the staff takes care of the rest.

In this way, the procedures will be much faster, and you will not waste time waiting at the gate.

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Relaxation means flying with the people you want and enjoy the flight

Did you think the benefits would end here?

Of course not.

Choosing a charter flight means a lot more. For instance, you can fly with whomever you want: with your partner, with your whole family, or with your colleagues.

In this way, you can enjoy the flight without prying eyes and benefit from our extra services on board, such as:

  • Massage and beauty treatments
  • Catering service with chef and barman on board
  • Maxi TV screen with sound cinema effect
  • Business set-up to work during the flight
  • Luxurious suites
  • And a lot more

If you would like to know more about our services on board and after disembarkation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Five must-sees of Hawaii

1. Honolulu and Waikiki Beach

Our first stop is Honolulu: somebody could fear the impact of the skyscrapers and overbuilding of Hawaii's capital city, but it actually disturbs far less than one might imagine. 

Waikiki's urban beach then is truly scenic; bordered by palm trees, it is a fine, white sand beach with clear water, where plenty of surfers try their hand at all hours. Apparently the wave that forms here is perfect for both beginners in this discipline, born on these very islands.

Reminding us of this on the waterfront is the statue of Duke Kahanamoku, known as The Big Kahuna and considered the father of modern surfing

Watching the sunset over the sea in Waikiki while sipping a Big Wave – the local beer – is an absolute must; it's the first thing to do when you arrive in Hawaii. 

2. Hanauma Bay and Waimanalo Beach

Among the things to see in Hawaii, we would definitely include other O'ahu beaches such as Hanauma Bay and Waimanalo

One thing you'll truly appreciate about Hawaii is that all the beaches are free, with nothing, no sunbeds, umbrellas and so on, but no shacks or restaurants either. Much of the beaches and coastal areas are nature reserves and are protected. 

In some, slightly inland you can find bathrooms, some picnic tables, and often the lifeguard in the classic raised cage from Bay Watch

Needless to say, the beaches are all spotlessly clean and no-smoking (if you try to smoke, the lifeguard will immediately come and reprimand you). 

Returning to Oahu's beaches worth seeing, the first and most famous is Hanauma Bay, a beautiful beach located southeast of Oahu. Its waters are crystal clear and swimming here is like swimming in an aquarium. Because it is so popular, it has recently become fee-based and limited. Tickets are bought online from this site and cost $25 per person. 

3. North Shore

Whether you are a surfer or surfing enthusiast, you cannot miss Oahu's North Shore. This name refers to a stretch of Oahu's northern coastline where some of the best waves on the planet break. 

Between November and February, the world's best surfers can be seen here, because here's where the World Surfing Championships takes place. If you plan to spend a day here, we recommend stopping to see the surfers along the Seven-mile miracle and then go relax on the beautiful beach at Kaiaka Bay in Haleiwa. 

If you are lucky, you will share the shoreline with turtles.

4. Waipio Valley

After Oahu, we now move to Big Island for another must-see in Hawaii: the Waipio Valley. This valley, located on the north coast of the island, is also called the 'Valley of the Kings' and is extremely fertile. The kings of Hawaii lived here, and it is still considered a sacred place. 

Today there are only a few hundred farmers left who cultivate taro (a tuber used to make flour and starch), and wild horses may be encountered. 

The beauty of this valley also, and especially, lies in the high cliffs that hug it over the sea and outline a black sand beach. To reach it there is a paved road less than 2 km long but extremely vertical (the slope ranges from 25 to 40 percent). It can only be travelled with a 4×4 (and a good driver); the alternative is to walk it, not forgetting that the climb back then is quite tough (but it is done in an hour or so). 

5. Volcanoes National Park

Finally, we could not fail to include Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park on Big Island among the must-visits. 

This park occupies a huge area (more than 800 sq km) and includes Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes, two of the five volcanoes that formed the island millions of years ago. 

Mauna Loa (4169 meters) is the largest active volcano on earth by volume and surface area of erupted lava: it has been erupting for 700,000 years and last erupted in 2008. On Mauna Loa is the most important astronomical observatory on earth.

Further down is Kilauea, which erupted almost continuously from 1983 until 2018; because of this last eruption, some areas are still closed to the public and activity is constantly monitored. 

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In this article, we discussed the main advantages of a charter flight to reach Hawaii and the best places to visit in this stunning tourist destination.

If you would like to know more about the costs and the procedures, go to our website,, and click on the 'Book' button to ask for a free quote. Our team is available 24/7 to help you fulfil your requests and answer your questions.

We will be glad to help you arrange your holiday to Hawaii.

Hope to see you soon!

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