Where to go at Christmas to enjoy an exclusive and luxury vacation

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Spend special holiday season departing by private jet to the best destinations

Christmas is a magical time: the streets are filled with lights and colors, the snow whitens the roofs of houses, and the atmosphere infuses peace and tranquility.

What better time to enjoy the beauty of some of the European and Italian cities that are at their best at this time of year?

In this article, you will discover where to go on Christmas in Italy and Europe to give you an exclusive and unforgettable vacation, living a true luxury experience thanks to the possibility of reaching destinations via a private jet charter.

Because, as they say, sometimes the journey is more important than the destination, so it is better to be as comfortable as possible.

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Where to go on Christmas vacation in Italy

Italy is a country rich in natural, cultural, and historical beauty, offering many possibilities for a Christmas vacation. Here are which destinations we have selected for you:

Palermo: a Christmas among history, modernity and gastronomy 

The capital of Sicily, although it is seen more as a summer destination, is filled with music and color at Christmas. Its historic center, among the largest in Europe, is filled with musicians, markets, and no shortage of attractions for children. It is possible to visit Santa Claus's house and meet him skating on the environmentally sustainable skating rink set up at the New Christmas Village.

Of course, there is no shortage of exhibitions and theater performances, luxury hotels and good Sicilian food. So, Palermo is the ideal city where to go on Christmas vacation either with children or as a couple, to enjoy the festivities in an atmosphere of tradition but also of liveliness and temperatures that are not too cold.

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Trento: a Christmas among culture, nature and social life

Trento, with its architectural and cultural heritage, the unspoiled nature by which it is surrounded and the nearby snow-capped peaks is the perfect place to spend the Christmas vacation by getting everyone to agree.

You can enjoy the region's forests and lakes, go downhill skiing, shop in the city's boutiques, soak up the atmosphere of its museums, get carried away by its trendy clubs or stroll through its quaint streets. The Ideal place to go on Christmas vacation with friends and family.

Turin: a Christmas of lights, art and shopping

Another city worth visiting during the Christmas season is undoubtedly Turin, which precisely at this time of year is filled with special events, events and exhibitions. You can visit its historic center, where monuments such as the Antonelliana Mole, the Royal Palace or St. Lawrence Cathedral.

You can also discover its museums and art galleries, such as Egyptian or Modern Art, or even enjoy the fantastic artist's lights which are installed at Christmas time in the Piedmontese capital. Not only that, there is no shortage of shopping streets, nightlife spots, and starred restaurants. In short, there are all the ingredients for a magical Christmas.

Where to go on Christmas vacation in Europe

If you want to experience something different on your Christmas vacation, you can choose from European destinations that offer unique attractions. Among the most exclusive destinations for a Christmas vacation in Europe are:

The refined and elegant Vienna

The Austrian capital is a city that retains historical and artistic charm, where you can visit its baroque and neoclassical palaces, stay in luxury hotels, get lost in the magic of the Christmas markets, enjoy delicious dinners and classical and jazz concerts. But the real gem of this city is the city itself, which blossoms at Christmas giving the best of itself to those who can appreciate its eternal beauty.

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The romantic and chic Paris

The city of love at Christmas is also a glamorous city that will make you fall in love with every corner of it. In addition to the classic visits to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, you will be able to visit luxury stores and restaurants of excellence, enjoy the best spas of the French capital, and stay in a chic boutique hotel. Paris is the ideal city to go on Christmas vacation as a couple to rekindle love.

The Magical and Cozy Rovaniemi

The capital of Lapland is a magical and cozy city, an oasis in unspoiled nature that will make you rediscover the magic of Christmas. In this very city, you can visit Santa Claus's house and, with any luck, admire the spectacle of the aurora borealis. Not only that, you can immerse yourself in Finnish Christmas traditions and meet the reindeer and sleighs. A perfect city where to go on Christmas vacation with children to give them a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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In conclusion

Now that you know where to go on vacation in Italy and Europe, it is time to talk about how to get to the proposed destinations. The best way to enjoy the Christmas vacation without stress and in absolute relaxation and comfort, avoiding the crowded streets and passenger planes typical of the Christmas season, is to  charter a private jet, like those offered by Fast Private Jet.

You can enjoy the trip as you wish, without inconvenience and always landing at the airports closest to your destination.

No lines for boarding and no risk of losing luggage. You will just have to get on board and relax starting right away to enjoy your well-deserved Christmas vacation.

What are you waiting for? Discover now all the exclusive services it can offer you  Fast Private Jet and book your private flight now.


  • If you are looking for an extraordinary Christmas experience, consider Italian destinations such as Palermo, Trento, and Turin, which offer a unique combination of culture, nature, and luxury.
  • If you prefer to travel in Europe, cities such as Vienna, Paris and Rovaniemi offer a refined and chic Christmas atmosphere, perfect for a romantic or family vacation.
  • To avoid stress and fully enjoy your Christmas vacation, consider chartering a private jet. This will allow you to travel in comfort, without boarding lines and with the security of your luggage.
  • Fast Private Jet offers exclusive private jet charter services, ensuring hassle-free travel and landings at airports closest to your destination. This will allow you to start enjoying your Christmas vacation immediately after takeoff.
  • Choosing a luxury private jet vacation can turn your Christmas into a unique and unforgettable experience, allowing you to explore fascinating destinations in comfort and style.

Questions & Answers

What are the best destinations for Christmas holidays in Europe?

Some of the best destinations for Christmas celebrations in Europe include Vienna, Paris, and Rovaniemi. Vienna offers historic and artistic charm with Baroque and neoclassical palaces, Christmas markets, and classical music concerts. Paris is romantic and chic, with upscale shopping, fine restaurants, and high-class spas. Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, is magical and cozy, ideal for families with Santa's house and the Northern Lights. 

What are the best destinations for the Christmas holidays in Italy?

Some of the best destinations for Christmas celebrations in Italy include Palermo, Trento, and Turin. Palermo offers a Christmas among history, modernity, and gastronomy with music, markets, and attractions for children. Trento offers culture, nature, and worldliness with forests, lakes, museums, and shopping. Turin offers lights, art, shopping, and gourmet dining in its historic center.

What is the best way to reach these destinations for the holiday season?

The best way to reach these destinations for the holiday season without stress is to charter a private jet. With a private jet, you can enjoy the journey in total relaxation, avoiding the crowded roads and passenger planes. Fast Private Jet offers private jet charter services to ensure you have a comfortable and hassle-free trip.

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