7 Winter Destinations Where to Spend "Warm" Holidays

Thursday 2 November 2023 Blog, Top Destinations

The winter season offers an opportunity to indulge in skiing and relax in a luxurious chalet in the mountains. But if you really don't like the cold weather, you don't necessarily have to give up your well-deserved winter vacation

Winter can be an ideal opportunity to escape the cold and enjoy a hot vacation, and if you're a lover of luxury and exclusive experiences, there's no better way to do it than by starting with a private jet charter.

In this article, we will explore some of the best warm winter destinations around the world and in Europe, perfect for those who want to travel in style and enjoy the sea, sun, and summer temperatures even in the middle of winter.

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Best Warm Winter Destinations in the World

For your warm winter vacation, you can have the opportunity to choose from many destinations, such as the tropical paradises of the Maldives, Seychelles, Dubai, or Zanzibar, where the weather is always mild and sunny, ideal for snorkeling, diving or just relaxing on the beach. Let's see why these warm destinations can be at their best precisely in winter.

Maldives and their picture-postcard beaches

If, in addition to looking for warm winter vacation destinations, you also want to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities, the right choice for you is the Maldives. With their crystal-clear waters and snow-white beaches, they are a dream destination for those seeking to escape our harsh winters, thanks to their average winter temperatures of 26-30 degrees.

In addition, the islands of the Maldives offer luxury and relaxation and are the ideal destination for couples seeking a romantic getawaya or for families eager to spend quality time together.

Seychelles and their wonderful flora and fauna

If heavenly beaches aren't enough for you and you're looking for something more, hot destinations to consider for a winter vacation include the Seychelles.

A true oceanic jewel, the Seychelles offer breathtaking scenery and rich biodiversity, which is why they also rank among the best warm winter destinations for couples with children. The secluded beaches and luxurious accommodations make this the perfect destination for those seeking an exclusive, fairytale retreat.

Thanks to its winter temperatures, which hover around 27 to 31 degrees Celsius, Seychelles provides a year-round tropical climate.

Dubai and its futuristic architecture

If you just can't tear yourself away from the city's social life and its exclusive clubs, but would rather enjoy your drinks under the sun, among the winter destinations that will allow you to spend your vacation in the warmth cannot miss Dubai.

A city that combines modern luxury with tradition, with top-notch restaurants and hotels, and with average winter temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. This luxurious city offers a mild and pleasant climate, making every activity and adventure even more enjoyable.

Zanzibar and its sea merging with the sky

Another heavenly destination to spend a warm winter vacation is Zanzibar, located off the coast of Tanzania.

With its white sand beaches, luxury resorts, crystal clear waters, and rich culture, this island offers an unforgettable tropical experience. Average winter temperatures stay around 26-30 degrees, making it an ideal refuge from the harsh winter and hectic city life.

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Best Warm Winter Destinations in Europe

If you prefer to stay close to your land, you can opt for some warm winter destinations in Europe, where winter is not a trap but an opportunity. Nearby destinations that allow you to escape our cold winter include Malta, Balearic and the Canary Islands. Let's see which one is best for you.

Malta: a little treasure on Italy's doorstep

Malta, with its fascinating history and mild climate, is a perfect option for those who want a warm winter vacation without straying too far from their home. Historic towns, charming beaches and rich culture make this city truly fascinating.

There is no shortage of entertainment, luxury resorts and nightlife. Winter temperatures in Malta are not "sea-like" but are still much higher than in Italy. In winter, in fact, the average temperatures range from 11 to 17 degrees, guaranteeing pleasant days and cool evenings.

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Balearics: the islands of fun and nightlife

The Balearic Islands, with the famous islands of Ibiza, Majorca and Menorca, are a hot winter destination in Europe that offers not only beautiful beaches but also vibrant nightlife and upscale activities.

Hotels, restaurants and exclusive nightclubs especially populate the island of Ibiza, which proves to be the perfect warm winter destination for anyone on the hunt for social events and late-night partying.

The average winter temperatures, in fact, hover around 10-15 degrees, making the Balearic Islands an ideal choice for those seeking warmth without straying too far from home.

Canary Islands: relaxation and sunshine all year round

The Canary Islands, with their subtropical climate, are a winter paradise for those seeking pleasant temperatures even during the cold season. Volcanic landscapes, golden beaches, and luxury resorts make the Canaries a must-see destination. The average winter temperatures hover around 18-23 degrees, offering a pleasant and mild climate.

Undoubtedly, the Canary Islands represent the most suitable warm winter destination for those who wish to indulge in relaxing moments and, why not, a tan even in December while staying just a few hours' flight from home.

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In conclusion

Choosing a warm winter destination is the perfect way to escape the cold and enjoy luxury and comfort with a sea view.

In addition, with Fast Private Jet, you can turn your vacation into a unique and unforgettable experience. Traveling by private jet not only adds a touch of exclusivity and class to your vacation but also offers unparalleled convenience and hour flexibility.

Reserve your  private jet charter and get ready to experience your "warm" winter vacation, immersing yourself in heavenly places and exploring the world with style, sophistication, and comfort.


  • The Maldives offer crystal-clear waters and white beaches with average winter temperatures of 26-30 degrees, making it an ideal destination for a luxury winter getaway.
  • The Seychelles, with breathtaking landscapes and rich biodiversity, is perfect for those seeking a warm destination with an exclusive touch.
  • Dubai combines modern luxury and tradition with average winter temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees, offering a variety of upscale experiences.
  • Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania, offers white sand beaches, luxury resorts and average winter temperatures of 26-30 degrees, creating a tropical retreat.
  • These warm destinations around the world are ideal for those who wish to escape the winter cold and enjoy sea, sun and luxury during the winter season.
  • Malta is a warm winter destination close to Italy, with average winter temperatures between 11 and 17 degrees, ideal for a vacation of relaxation and culture.
  • The Balearic Islands, particularly Ibiza, offer lovely beaches and a vibrant nightlife with average winter temperatures of 10-15 degrees, ideal for fun-seekers.
  • The Canary Islands, with their subtropical climate, provide pleasant year-round temperatures, with winter averages of 18-23 degrees, perfect for a relaxing vacation.
  • These warm winter destinations in Europe are ideal for those who want a winter getaway without straying too far from home.
  • Chartering a private jet with Fast Private Jet adds exclusivity and convenience to your winter vacation, allowing you to explore the world in style and comfort.

Questions & Answers

What are the best warm winter destinations in the world?

Some of the best warm winter destinations in the world include the Maldives, Seychelles, Dubai, and Zanzibar. These places offer mild temperatures, heavenly beaches, and a variety of luxury experiences for travelers looking for an alternative to cold winter.

What are the best warm winter destinations in Europe?

Some of the best warm winter destinations in Europe include Malta, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. These areas offer mild weather even during winter, with opportunities for beach relaxation, nightlife and many luxury activities.

How can I make my winter vacation even more exclusive?

To make your winter vacation even more exclusive, you can consider chartering a private jet with Fast Private Jet. Traveling by private jet adds a touch of class and comfort to your vacation, giving you hourly flexibility and an unforgettable travel experience.

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