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Here are the most popular private jet models in the Fast Private Jet fleet.

There are many planes on the market and available for charter, in accordance with the needs of every person who needs to fly on a private jet. So many that it is often very difficult to decide ... But perhaps understanding which private jet models other people choose can be a big help!

To support you in your decision, we have decided to draw up a list of the 3 private jets most chosen by the Fast Private Jet clients. At the end of this article you will know the characteristics of each of them and, if you still have doubts, you can simply contact us to ask for our advice.

Here are the most rented and purchased private aircraft models in 2020.

3) Honda jet elite, the best entry level jet model.

Jet privato modelli Honda Jet elite

Launched in 2018, the Honda jet elite is a stunning 6-seats private jet priced at $ 5.25 million, which is $ 350,000 more than the original HondaJet.

It is one of the best entry level jets (or very light jets), the category that includes the smallest and most compact private aircraft, ideal for short trips as they have a maximum flight range of about 3 hours.

The new Honda jet upgrades include an additional fuel tank that increases the Elite's range to more than 1,437 nautical miles. Additionally, this private jet features a quieter cabin than the old model and even a kitchen.

Honda Aircraft Company describes it as "the fastest, tallest and longest-haul in its class". And in fact, it's all true: this private jet has a top speed of 780 km / h, a range of 1,437 nautical miles (2,661 km). In addition, the passenger cabin is 1.52 m high.

The cabin is very quiet, luxurious and configurable according to the needs of passengers. It has 6 comfortable two-tone leather seats: two seats are dedicated to the cockpit and the other four seats to the passenger cabin.

The toilet is equipped with a safety belt and can be converted into an additional seat.

The kitchen and coffee maker complete the decor of one of the most comfortable & economical private jet models available.

2) The Hawker 800XP midsize jet

Private Jet Cabin

The Hawker 800XP manufactured by Hawker Beechcraft is the second most requested private jet charter by our customers. It is a medium-sized business jet with a cozy and spacious cabin, very popular for short and medium-haul business and leisure trips.

Specifically, the cabin measures 6 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and 1.7 meters high, with a very comfortable volume to accommodate 6 to 8 passengers (even if the maximum configuration includes 10 seats). The luggage compartment can hold 4 or 5 large suitcases.

The Hawker 800XP private jet is equipped with adjustable seats that can rotate 360 ​​°; they are therefore perfect for business meetings but also for relaxing conversations during a journey of comfort.

The cabin is not very noisy (the different models of this jet are available with different soundproofing strips).

This jet is also equipped with two AlliedSignal TFE731-5BR engines, so much so that the aircraft can climb over 11,000 meters in height, where it reaches its cruising speed of 447 knots. In order to avoid unpleasant situations such as bad weather and / or traffic, the 800 XP can fly up to 12,500 meters in height.

What our customers love most about the Hawker 800XP is its ability to take off and land on runways that are much smaller than those typically needed for jets in its and other categories.

  1. Gulfstream G650ER, the best private jet in the world.

Modello di jet privato più veloce al mondo Gulfstream G650ER

The Gulfstream G650ER is the most requested aircraft by our customers. It is part of the category of private long-range jets (Ultra long range) as it has a flight range of 3,000 km, so it can connect virtually any city in the world.

Comfort, functionality and safety are unparalleled, not to mention the very powerful Rolls Royce BR725 engines, which make flights in this private jet safe and extremely fast.

The performance of the G650ER is supported by the highly aerodynamic shape of the wings. Its top speed of almost 1000 km / h makes it the fastest private jet in the world.

Not to mention Comfort with a capital C. Depending on the configurations chosen by the passengers, the Glufstream G650ER contains from 16 to 19 seats. The width of the passenger cabin is 2.59 meters, while the height is 1.95: it is the highest cabin in the ultra long range jet category.

The extremely spacious interiors can be organized in 4 different environments that allow passengers to work, eat, stay intact and relax. The soundproofed cabin guarantees a comfortable and quiet environment. At the same time, this Gulfstream is bright and innovative.

Both the seats and the sofa can easily be transformed into beds. Perfect for a night trip or simply to relax for a day of work.

In conclusion

Now you know the 3 models of private jet most requested by our customers. But our fleet consists of well over 3 aircraft! Click here to view them all and contact us to receive the best quotes for a private jet charter.

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