Private jet to the Isle of Man: that's why you should choose Fast Private Jet!

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Isle of Man by private jet: discover the advantages of choosing a chartered plane

Are you planning a trip to the Isle of Man in total comfort and relax?

In this article, we will have a look at the main advantages of choosing Fast Private Jet and at the main activities to do once you arrived at the destination.

Isle of Man

Make the most of your journey with Fast Private Jet

Whether you are decided to visit the Isle of Man for leisure or for business reasons, why don't enjoy the trip and relax during the flight?

Yes, I know, it sounds as beautiful as it is impossible with an airliner.

Indeed, we all know what travelling by commercial plane means: long queues for the controls, possible delays, and strangers sitting next to you during the whole flight.

Not to mention the fact that you always have to adapt to the airline availability.

With Fast Private Jet, it's you who decide when to leave for both the outward and the return flight.

Exactly, you read that right.

Moreover, you won't have to be at the airport two hours before takeoff – as it normally happens –, because our staff will lead you to a reserved area where you'll be able to do the controls in total discretion and privacy.

Then, you will wait in the lounge area of the airport while the crew will take care of the rest.

The cherry on top?

If you decide to fly by chartered plane, you will decide who is travelling with you: that means you won't have strangers around and will be able to enjoy the flight with your family, your colleagues, or your friends.

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Thinking of reaching the Isle of Man? With FPJ, you will arrive completely relaxed at the destination

A normal flight from London to the Isle of Man Airport takes around one hour and a half, but who said that you can't relax during the trip?

Even if it's a short distance, you can decide to enjoy our services on board.

Let me mention some of them.

If you would like to make a toast and celebrate a special occasion, you can ask for our catering service with a chef and a barman on board.

Or perhaps you'd rather work? No problem: with the business set-up, the staff will turn the space of the cabin into a flying office where you can use our laptop and the Wi-Fi connection.

Finally, if you are travelling with your family, you can ask for extra space to stew your luggage.

In other words, every wish will be fulfilled!

If you would like to discover more about our service on board and after disembarkation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Isle of Man, view of Peel coast

Discover the beauties of the Isle of Man: here are the must-sees

The Isle of Man: what to see in the capital Douglas

A must-see on the island is the capital, Douglas, overlooking a magnificent bay.

The seafront promenade is about 3 km long: here is the harbour and the Tower of Refuge, a castle-like building erected in the past to accommodate shipwrecked sailors.

Then there are the town's palaces:

  • The Houses of Parliament
  • Villa Marina and Gardens
  • The Royal Hall
  • The Manx Museum
  • The old Victorian amphitheatre
  • The Gaiety Theatre

Another gem is the Grand Union Camera Obscura, a 19th century building on a hillside, which offers a magnificent play of mirrors using natural light.

If you're looking for breathtaking views, head to Douglas Head, a rocky outcrop near the harbour. Finally, don't forget to visit the Millennium Stone, erected with stones collected from each of the island's parishes to celebrate Parliament's 1,000th anniversary in 1979.

The Tynwald Day ceremony

Those who come to Man in July cannot miss the Tynwald Day ceremony, part of the island's National Week celebrations.

The event takes place on 5 July continuously since 1417 on Tynwald Hill (near Douglas) where thousands of citizens gather at the Bronze Age mound named after St John.

Here, the laws enacted during the year are proclaimed, with festivities fuelled by concerts and various performances.

The Isle of Man: the castles to see

In Castletown, capital of the island for many centuries, Castle Rushen, one of the best-preserved medieval castles in the world, awaits you.

Another unmissable fortress is Peel Castle, which was erected on St Patrick's Island (a large rock not far from the harbour, connected by a road).

Here, in addition to St Patrick's Church and the Round Tower – 10th and 11th century –, you can see, going underground, the magnificent crypt of St Germain Cathedral of the 13th century.

Finally, go to the Gatehouse Tower: the view over Peel and most of the island will leave you breathless.

The Isle of Man: the legendary TT (Tourist Trophy)

The Isle of Man is also famous for hosting one of the most famous motorbike races in the world: the legendary TT, the Tourist Trophy.

It is a race that has been held every year for more than a century (first edition in 1907) and is very dangerous, since it takes place on the island's roads, which are not exactly suitable for hosting a motorbike competition.

The event is experienced as a ritual and thrives on historical ceremonial. Those with a heart that beats for motors certainly can't miss it.

The Cat and Kangaroos of Man

The Isle of Man is also famous for being home to an endemic breed of cats (Isle of Man cat or Manx cat).

It is a tailless feline with front legs that are shorter than the hind ones.

You may also come across small kangaroos, the wallabies. In the 1970s, some of these marsupials escaped from a park with exotic fauna and breed in nearby forests.

Today, there are about 100 specimens of the species Macropus rufogriseus.

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In this article, we discussed the main reasons why you should choose Fast Private Jet to reach the Isle of Man.

Then, we had a look at the most breathtaking places that are worth a visit, and the activity to do once you landed there.

If you would like to know more about the prices and the services we have to offer, go to our website,, click on the 'Book' button and ask for a free quote.

We will be happy to help you organize your trip to the Isle of Man.

So, are you ready to takeoff?

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