How much is a private jet from the UK to Portugal?

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From the UK to Portugal: everything you should know to fly safe and with comfort

Looking for a dreamy flight to Portugal?

You can finally forget long queues at the airport, strangr sitting next to you and uncomfortable seats.

Discover all the advantages of choosing a private jet from the UK to Portugal.

View of Portugal

Flying to Portugal: prices and procedures

If you are questioning about the costs to reach Portugal, you should know that there is not a unique answer to this question.

How come?

Our agency can offer you several options for flying to Portugal from the UK. Keep in mind that a direct flight from London to Lisbon should take less than three hours, and this route can only be flown non-stop by some jet models (smaller ones may need a break for refuelling).

Anyway, the cost may vary from £10,000 to £12,000 for eight passengers.

The costs can also vary according to the services you ask for.

But when we say options, we are not only referring to the technical characteristics and size of the aircraft, but also its equipment and optional extras.

From this perspective, Fast Private Jet allows you to indulge.

Here are some extra services that we can include in your flight

  • Big screen and sound with cinema effect
  • In-cabin massage
  • Beauty treatments
  • Barman and chef on board
  • Customizable luxury suites

And if you have any other, even more special wishes, know that we can accommodate you.

For example, for those who travel by private jet for business reasons, we have the business set-up, a real flying office.

In short, our job is to make your flight a perfect experience.

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Flying by private jet means making the most of your time

When organizing a trip, it's understandable to want the maximum of the experience.

Unfortunately, this doesn't happen when flying by scheduled aeroplane.

In other words, you will be exposed to several inconveniences: foremost, the fact that you have to adapt to the dates and times of the airlines that connect Portugal to the UK.

Mostly, it is also necessary to make one or more stopovers at other airports, lengthening the time.

By hiring a private jet, on the other hand, you choose the date and the time that suit you best, according to your agenda, for both the outward and the return flight.

Moreover, you will save a lot of time.

In fact, you will avoid the long queues for check-in and security checks, not to mention the wait for boarding the aircraft.

If you book a private jet for rent, you have a reserved area to pass through the controls. This means that you can be at the airport half an hour before departure, not an hour and a half or two as it normally happens with commercial flights.

When you arrive at the air terminal, the flight staff will take you to the VIP area, where you will take care of the pre-departure operations in no time.

Lisboa, Portugal

Reach Portugal with family, friends, or colleagues

Another issue of flying by scheduled aeroplane is the possibility to have noisy passengers next to you.

In many companies, you don't get to choose who is sitting next to you – unless you don't pay an extra fee. If you decide to fly with us, you will have the possibility to travel in complete privacy, without having strangers around.

Flying with your family?

We can organize the space to give you the maximum of comfort for your partner and children. If you need more space to stew the luggage, we can provide that.

Or perhaps are you travelling with your husband or wife for a romantic trip?

We can prepare a luxury suite for you and your partner, so you can enjoy the view while sipping the finest champagne.

Finally, as we mentioned before, you can also decide to fly with your colleagues and decide to work on board, thanks to our business set-up that will turn the private jet into a flying office.

What are you waiting for?

Ready to takeoff?

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In this article, we discussed the prices and main advantages of a private jet from the UK to Portugal.

If you would like to have more specific information about the costs, go to our website, and click on the 'Book' button to ask for a free quote.

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