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Tuesday 28 April 2020 Blog

Finally: the chief of long-haul routes.

There need be no introductions when it comes to Gulfstream Aviation, the award-winning US titan has set new industry standards with its private jets since the beginning of 2000, pushing all others to adapt.

The Gulfstream G550 is no exception, and certainly likely to be the best solution for your next private jet charter. A model so powerful there are two versions, one civil, for private travel, and one for military use, performing SAR (Search and Rescue) and MedEvac (Medical Evacuation) missions.

The Air Forces of Australia, Israel, Italy, Poland, the US, Sweden, and Turkey all count on the G-550 among their fleet for special missions; while in Germany, Kuwait, and Azerbaijan they are used by government officials.

The technical characteristics of the Gulfstream G-550

The Gulfstream G550 perfectly lives up to the aesthetic signature of the American company.

Bringing forth once more the tapered, sleek, and elegant shapes: with its 29.4 meters length, 7.9 meter height, and an impressive wingspan of 28.5 meters, the Gulfstream G-550 has been proven capable of gracefully dominating the skies thanks to remarkable performance.

With a maximum speed of 0.85 Mach, a cruising speed of 0.8 Mach, and a range of over 12.000 km, the G-550 will allow you to quickly reach any destination and is well adapted to transoceanic and intercontinental journeys.

The two Rolls-Royce Pearl BR710 C4-11 are the key to this jet’s performance. Allowing for unprecedented stability and control: you will feel as if you are travelling on land, even at the maximum altitude of 15.545 meters.

This altitude level, by the way, lets you soar above any unexpected atmospheric turbulence. Avoiding any hinderance, delay, or risk that could occur during long journeys. All the while, the depressurization system will reduce cabin pressure to little more than 1.800 meters, mimicking the sensation of a pleasant walk in the mountains.

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The cabin of the Gulfstream G-550: spacious comfort.

This cabin can accommodate from 14 to 19 passengers, who will be greeted by ample space in any chosen configuration.

The seats, made with only the best leathers, are equipped with intelligent ergonomic sensors. They adapt to each passenger’s posture, making the flight completely comfortable for body and mind. At the end of your flight, you’ll find it hard to give up your seat!

The armrests integrate touch screens with cabin controls, maximising your flight experience, whether for business or leisure.

The windows are positioned precisely to let you fully enjoy the panorama of the skies and the refined interior design.

The space is dedicated to entertainment and relaxation, taking advantage of the latest innovations with a fast internet connection and satellite tracking your flight in real time. This way you can constantly be updated on your position and flight time.

A depressurization system, an air exchange system, and soundproofing also help in reducing flight stress to a minimum. The fully equipped bathroom will allow you to make the most of all the luxury and comfort the G-550 has to offer.

The Gulfstream G-550 has definitively revolutionized flight standards for long distance travel in terms of aircraft performance, and also in the great attention to passengers, giving a new meaning to travelling in comfort.

The cockpit: safety and stability

The G-550 plans for a total of 3 crew members, two pilots and a flight attendant. There at your complete disposal, for meals, whims, and anything you need throughout the journey.

The cockpit is another reason the G-550 truly shines. This spacious cabin is equipped with a Honeywell Primus Epic system, the first to combine synthetic and advanced vision systems.

The Honeywell Primus Epic integrates:

  • An RPA (Radar Phased Array);
  • A HUD (Head-Up Display) from Rockwell Collins;
  • An EVH (Enhanced Vision System) from Elbit;
  • Fly-By-Wire flight controls;
  • A cutting-edge GPS;
  • A MultiScan weather radar.

All converging to give this aircraft unparalleled handling, flight stability, and safety. It is extremely efficient, with an excellent ratio of cubic meters of fuel consumed per hour, rendered the G-550 unmatched in the first years following its launch in 2004

The first-in-class characteristics of the G-550 are reflected in the fact that 580 models have been produced and sold since 2004, this jet is sold as used at a value of 28-31 million dollars still, and 61.5 million new.

The maintenance costs of this jet circle around 7,135 dollars per flight hour, and a G-550 is easily able to take on 400 consecutive flight hours.

This outstanding jet is impressive, and graceful. Why wait? Try it now and book your next flight at!

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