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Wednesday 17 June 2020 Blog

Refer your friends and you will receive credits to fly on a private jet

Fast Private Jet Referral Program, allows you to travel on private jet and save on traditional fares. This new program gives the opportunity to accumulate unlimited credits to fly with a private jet every time you refer a friend with Fast Private Jet.

But the benefits don't stop there!

Fast Private Jet is committed to guaranteeing an impeccable service, including your loved ones, friends and relatives within the initiative. In fact, you will not be the only one to benefit from the new Referral Program.

You will accumulate a credit of 1,000€ to fly in a private jet and your referrals will have a 5% discount on their first booking with us.

Discover with us this fantastic news!

What is the Referral Program?

The Fast Private Jet Referral Program is a loyalty program that awards you specific advantages as a result of your refers converted into new bookings.

Fast Private Jet has decided to reward customers with advantageous rates through the accumulation of euro credits on their personal accounts.

Whenever your referral is converted into a Fast Private Jet booking, you will earn a credit of €1,000 which will be instantly credited to your personal FPJ account. Fast Private Jet is always ready to show you that, just like the service offered, programs are also fast and efficient to ensure total satisfaction!

How does the Referral Program work?

The rules of the Referral Program are few, simple and advantageous. Refer a friend, colleague or even simply a family member, once the booking is generated by one of your contacts you will earn a credit of 1,000€ which will be added to your personal account on Fast Private Jet. You can in fact accumulate your balance without limitations and use up to a maximum of 3,000€ for a single booking.

The remaining balance of your credit accumulated over 3,000€, and not used for your flight, remains credited to your account, ready to be used for your next trip!

And there is even more. Fast Private Jet is not limited to providing a direct advantage to its referrals, but also wants to be supportive in everything. The aim is to make access to this exclusive and convenient world easy even for those contacts who will conclude the booking.

Are you wondering how? A 5% discount is offered instantly to the person you introduce us. In this way, Fast Private Jet enhances all your suggestions and allows you to offer and spread an exclusive immediate advantage to all the people you want.

How to participate in the Fast Private Jet Referral Program?

Joining is simple, visit the Referral Program page on our website and start immediately to accumulate the benefits of the Referral Program; once the reservation has been made, the crediting of 1,000€ will automatically be added to your personal Fast Private Jet account.

Remember, the program is reserved for all our current and future clients and if you intend to participate but you are not yet our customer, contact us today for more information.

Share #FPJRP, the Fast Private Jet world Referral Program is waiting for you!

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