Affordable private jet: Traveling by jet is no longer exclusive to the super rich

Thursday 17 September 2020 Blog, Tips & Hints

Flying on a private jet is affordable with Fast Private Jet.

Are you looking for low cost private flights but are you afraid they don't exist? In reality, flying on an affordable private jet is possible for everyone. Private flights are no longer just for the rich, willing to spend a lot to have luxury private jets with really exorbitant prices.

There are currently numerous jet models that fit even the lowest budgets and allow passengers to travel quickly and comfortably. But this is not the only solution dedicated to those who need a private plane and cannot spend too much.

Today we will talk about the most common solutions for those who need to fly by jet in an economical but at the same time optimal way.

1) The charter of a private jet to travel low cost even with private flights.

noleggio di un jet privato per viaggiare low cost

If you want to travel on a private jet, the solution is not always the purchase. Just think that the cost of an inexpensive private jet starts at around 3 million euros and does not include management, maintenance and staff salaries.

On the other hand, renting a private jet allows you to significantly save on these expenses and to choose the perfect plane for any need: you can vary the number of passengers, reasons for travel and economic availability and we will always find the ideal private plane for you.

A private hired plane has a variable cost that depends on the number of travelers, the model of jet, the distance traveled during the trip, taxes and many other factors. We can tell you that the average price is 2500 euros per hour, although the smaller and cheaper models (such as 4-seater private jets) can also start from a base of 1500 euros per hour, but the rental price list private jets are variable.

Considering that rarely someone goes from Milan to Tokyo and vice versa every week, the price of renting a private jet is very low compared to the purchase, and is affordable for everyone.

2) Divide the price of the private jet charter among all passengers.

An interesting aspect of those who want to travel by private jet is that the rental price is total, not per passenger. For example, if a flight costs 2000 euros and there are 4 passengers, in reality by dividing the costs you will pay 500 euros, and so will the other 3 passengers.

Optimizing expenses is therefore a 100% feasible solution when traveling by private jet with a company, especially during business trips where passengers are not (usually) part of the same household.

3) Business trips by private jet are 100% deductible.

viaggi di lavoro in jet privato sono deducibili

As for business trips by scheduled airplanes, business trips by private jet are also 100% deductible (remember to ask us for an invoice, which is essential in this regard) as an expense related to the activity.

The only limitation relating to deductions is that of trips dedicated to refresher courses. These, in fact, are deducted at 50% and not at 100% as with regard to business trips.

You can agree with us that this is also an excellent way to fly by private jet and save money at the same time.

4) The cheapest jet travel is empty leg flights.

Empty Leg flights, called "empty flights" or "dead legs" in Italian, occur when a private jet is booked for one way. The plane must return to the airport without passengers, therefore empty, in order to serve other people who have to travel.

You should know that empty flights can be purchased at more than 50% discount compared to what that route would cost if the plane did not return to the base. The downside is that you have to adapt to the times and dates offered by private jet companies but, due to the very low costs, these flights really deserve to be exploited.

5) You can pay little by renting a small jet.

Among the cheapest private aircraft models we find very light and light jets, small aircraft that can accommodate few passengers and fly for short distances.

Specifically, very light jets (also called entry level) accommodate up to 4 or 5 passengers depending on the model and have a flight range of 3 hours. Beyond these 3 hours they must stop for refueling. The light jets, on the other hand, have an autonomy of about 4 hours and can accommodate an average of 6 to 8 passengers.

Both light and very light are therefore perfect for small national and European routes and for flying in the company of a few colleagues, friends or family.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to fly on a private jet in an affordable way, contact us now: we will find the perfect private rental plane for your needs, at the best prices on the market.

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