Ibiza, between nature, culture and fun


The white Island with enchanting coves painted in blue and the mystical hinterland, views burned by the sunset that turn dreams into reality
Known as the island of nightlife, discos and excesses, has also earned the name of Isla Loca, in reality Ibiza is much more than an indolent destination that confuses night with day. The most famous of the Balearic Islands, in fact, is also the cradle of culture, nature and fashion.
World Heritage Site declared that, the Isola Blanca holds a cultural and natural treasure for many of its magical places: the Phoenician remains of Sa Caleta, the fortified city of Dalt Vila, the Ses Salines Nature Reserve and the Punic necropolis of Puig des Molins. Merged and integrated with each other over time, the different cultures and traditions of the various civilizations that have followed one another have made this island a unique and special territory. The image of a restless and uninhibited place remains strong, but this island, certainly unique for its fiery sunsets, wild beaches and crystalline blue waters, also has a more discreet side, still unspoiled and all to be experienced.
Ibiza is still one of the most chic summer destinations, where you can relax in contact with unspoiled nature, between beaches, forests and fragrant gardens, wrapped and bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Its transgressive side continues to attract millions of tourists ready to attend the most famous discos in Europe, however there are also those who appreciate living the island in broad daylight, getting excited by the warm colors and its welcoming atmospheres, finding unique pieces and handmade in its colorful markets and sipping drinks at sunset in front of a body of water, tasting the typical and tasty raò, nowhere to be found and delicious fish, on the notes of relaxing music tracks, inebriated by the scent of rosemary.
Located in the east of the island, the city of Ibiza has three beautiful beaches, Ses Figueretes, Talamanca and Platja d'en Bossa, and the particular and characteristic old town, the capital of the island, known as Dalt Vila or with the name of Eivissa., expression of the great cultural variety that has lived on the island over the years.
Traces of its history and its ancient splendor are still visible along the steep streets that lead to the top of the city, where the Cathedral stands. In the intricate network of cobbled lanes that offer refreshment and glimpses of blue between the immaculate walls and the majestic bastions, by trekking, in fact, you can visit this wonderful area, between narrow and winding streets that lead to the highest part of the city, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view. Along the climb between the typical houses, there are also many small artisan shops and shops where you can stop, catch your breath and browse. In the typical markets it is easy to find colored cushions, patchwork baskets worked with Indian fabrics, pottery, musical instruments and above all the alpargatas, typical Ibizan shoes with braided rope sole. Between the sixties and seventies, in fact, the island became an outpost of the hippy movement and within this free context Adlib fashion was born which, characterized by comfortable clothes in cotton and sangallo lace of an ethereal white, rope sandals straw accessories and sarongs still distinguishes one of the most chic islands in Europe.
If you are looking for a cultural destination, very interesting, and a source of inspiration for creativity and flair, you must visit the MACE, Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza, inaugurated in 1969 and reopened in 2012. Heading to the village of San Juan, you can also breathe a breath of fresh air, sheltered from the liveliness of the city center, stopping at the Giri Café, where the words "zero kilometer" and "quality" are at home. Having lunch surrounded by the garden from which creativity and authenticity of the dishes come to life, it is possible to observe over fifty types of plants grown in the surrounding land. In full respect of sustainability in this garden, caressed by the sea breeze, you can breathe the scent of vegetables, flowers and aromatic herbs in all their naturalness. The vegetation on the island is something incomparable and special. In fact, there is a natural element, in addition to the historical ones, that has led Ibiza to be entitled World Heritage Site, for culture and biodiversity: the oceanic Posidonia. This plant that grows on the seabed has an invaluable ecological value: it oxygenates and cleans the water, makes it transparent and crystalline and keeps the ecosystem in balance.
The expanses of Posidonia are concentrated in particular within the Ses Salines Natural Park, which includes part of the south coast of Ibiza and the north coast of Formentera. In this park populated by hundreds of plant and animal species, it is possible to find numerous habitats that make this island unique with a magical atmosphere: ponds, salt marshes, dunes, cliffs and paradisiac sandy beaches. 15 minutes from San Juan there is one of the most beautiful coves on the island, Cala Xarraca, decorated with red rocks, emerald waters and a thick forest that surrounds it. Do not miss a natural mud bath and then move to sunset in nearby Cala Benirras, immersing yourself completely in the hippy atmosphere that still survives in this pristine and magical bay. Sant Antoni is another very popular destination for trendy night clubs and for the coves located in hidden places, between sharp rocks and pine forests. The most famous meeting place of all is certainly the Cafè del Mar, which was also inspired by Sandy Marton for the title of a song from the famous album People from Ibiza, where young people go to wait for the sunset between a cocktail and another, while the atmosphere warms up to the notes of chillout music.
Another magical location is Santa Eularia des Rius where the only river of the Balearic islands is located, which has always been a great resource for the town because it is a source of irrigation for the large portions of land on the island. The continuous flow of water in the town of Santa Eularia, allowing the proper functioning of the mills grouped at the foot of the Puig de Missa, has allowed the sustenance of many families for years. The mill area, for a long time the economic heart of the island, is today one of the must-see places in this town. To the south of the island there is also one of the most beautiful areas for those who decide to go to Ibiza to experience its beaches. The town of Sant Josep di sa Talaia, in fact, hosts small and intimate hidden coves caressed by a clear and turquoise sea, such as Cala Bassa, Cala Comte and Cala Vedella, but also huge expanses of sand surrounded by lush vegetation and from thick pine forests. Taking a sun bath on one of the spectacular beaches in the southwest part of the island, where unspoiled nature and emerald waters are on stage, remains a unique and memorable experience. Do not miss the wonder of Playa de Comte, to be surprised by a shade of blue that will leave you breathless, or Cala Tarida, for sports lovers such as windsurfing or sailing, or even, Cala Carbò, for lazy hours and relaxation on a gold colored beach, or Cala d'hort, among the most beautiful and popular in Ibiza. Whatever the choice, the natural spectacle of Ibiza's wild bays and crystal clear waters will always remain in the hearts of its visitors. Crossing the countryside full of figs, pines and carob trees, which frame the characteristic white houses of the island, we head towards the Phoenician village of Sa Caleta and the Punic-Roman rural settlement of Ses Païses in Cala d’Hort.
Another absolutely unmissable destination is the area located underground, inside the Cova Santa cave, where surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites, shaped by the effect of water over thousands of years, it will seem to have been projected into a dreamlike and mystical dimension. In the northern part of the island it is easy to come across a natural area, surrounded by beaches and cliffs where, seeing on the horizon some roofs of the typical white houses surrounded by the yellow of the fields and the green of the hills, it will seem to be immersed in a real Van Gogh's own landscape painting: the town of San Joan, also a paradise for trekking and excursions. Visiting this island with a breathtaking view and turquoise waters is a must at least once in a lifetime. Reaching these magical and coveted locations, today, is easier than ever and the best way to reach Ibiza is undoubtedly by plane. In the name of fun and relaxation, technology allows you to reach this goal thanks to the rental of private jets, a trend determined by the numerous advantages offered by this solution. In addition to the greater safety guaranteed, being able to travel by private plane allows small groups of people to be able to fly comfortably, at flexible times and in total relaxation. With a simple click the Fast Private Jet company offers a personalized and exclusive service to reach the magical white Isla in a snap of your fingers.
Ibiza, an island full of possibilities, where culture, nature and fun are intertwined, in a magical atmosphere and with a breathtaking landscape, whose enchanted beaches, and the views burned by the sunset, turn dreams into reality.

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