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Thursday 26 April 2018 Worldwide destinations, Blog

Tel Aviv couldn't be more different to its sibling, Jerusalem. Modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan: hedonism is the main life style in this hip, bustling Mediterranean 'Manhattan'. In Hebrew, the city’s name means 'Hill of Spring', and it does have an air of perpetual renewal. All over the city, flowers blossom, new restaurants open, and there's always a party going on somewhere.

Tel Aviv's biggest draw is its strip of fine beaches, but it’s also home to Unesco-listed Bauhaus buildings, historic Jaffa (Yafo) with its fascinating Arab heritage, the quiet Neve Tzedek quarter and trendy Florentin. Expect everything: from art galleries to military museums, upmarket bistros to simple hummus joints, peaceful parks to pumping bars.

The famous historical city of Jerusalem is about 1 hour east by private ground transportation. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the second most populated city and destination of pilgrims. The majesty of the Western Wall and the Temple must be visited as the tour can turn into emotional. This place is the holiest place, still nowadays, for the Jewish religion. In the little holes of the wall it's easy to find some folded paper containing prays. Haifa, the third most populated Israeli city, is located 1 hour north of Tel Aviv by private limo. You can't miss the Bahai Gardens, declared Unesco world heritage.

To start in the right mood your visit to Tel Aviv, why not charter a luxury private jet to land in the beautiful and vibrant city? A helicopter service is also available to brake the distance between you and the spots you'd like to visit.

Cranes and skyscrapers may point the way forward, but it's still a city with its feet firmly on the ground. A few days here is fun, but a week can be a revelation – don't miss it.

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