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Monday 1 April 2019 Top destinations, Blog

The International Jet Set destination. This is how to best describe Saint Tropez, that since the '60 is the favourite destination of artists, actors, showman and women of the world. 

The Saint Tropez airport, La Môle, is not accessible from most of the commercial airlines due to the short runway.

Jet airplanes like Citation Mustang or Phenom 300 and other light jets are able to land safe in Saint Tropez.

Why don't you charter a private jet for a romantic escape of a week end in the French Riviera?

The beautiful beaches are just 10 mins away by private road transfer from the airport of La Môle.

Saint Tropez is also reachable by helicopter transfer from Nice (20 mins), Cannes (10 mins) and Montecarlo (25 mins).

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