Perhaps the most desired Jet in the world: the Premier IA

Friday 14 February 2020

Premier IA: the characteristics and peculiarities of this magnificent aircraft.

Moving quickly and wasting as little time as possible, is possible with the charter of a private jet. It guarantees safety, maximum comfort, and an exclusive journey with its unique and innovative design.

If you are an entrepreneur, this type of flight brings a reality that not only allows you to perform, but also serves to reflect your way of life.

For this, it is useful to choose the right aircraft which, due to its characteristics, will allow you to reach the locations you need.

A great example may be Premier IA, considered by many to be the most desired jet in the world. But what are its peculiarities? Why, among the vast fleet of our jets, should you make it your choice? Well, let’s analyze the key features of this model.

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Choose the Jet that best suits your needs

Private jets have completely revolutionized the way we travel.

With this in mind over the years, we expanded our fleet, choosing the best designed aircraft in order to provide you with tools of among the most technologically advanced.

Chartering a private jet can be a viable alternative to scheduled flights. The cost is certainly slightly higher, but the advantages are exponential (read: "Private jet cost").

For those who, like you, need to reach places that go beyond normal commercial routes, using this tool can be a solution to save on travel.

With a private jet charter, distances are no longer an issue. You will reach them elegantly, in comfort, all the while continuing to work onboard if you wish. These are just some of the advantages that could bring you to your choice.

But how do you choose the right jet?

Here are the main features you need to consider when evaluating a private jet for charter:

  • comfort: chartering a jet means choosing to travel in a preferential manner, without having to stand in long lines for check-in, and guaranteeing your place is always reserved (as well as featuring an ergonomic seat designed to conform perfectly to your body);
  • exclusive service: everything related to your jet will come with a quality service. From transport to the airport, to the preferential VIP route, to the driver who awaits you upon landing, and any meal or drinks consumed in flight;
  • speed: reaching your destination as quickly as possible is a necessity. This is why it may be useful to choose one of our business jets: fast, with a range that is suited to reach fixed destinations, without needing to stop for fuel;
  • number of seats: often for business reasons, you will need to travel with consultants or other company members. For this, it is important to choose a jet that has at least six seats, which can help reduce transfer fees as well. Read on the matter in: "Group charter: When the private jet is booked in a group".

But how does the Premier IA correspond to these features?

Premier IA: its history and characteristics

The Premier IA jet, for some, is considered the best private jet that can be flown by a single pilot and can reach any destination, almost without letting you even feel you are flying.

Its manufacturers have gone to extra lengths in making this model, which is not the first of the Premier series.

The idea was to create an aircraft that was compact, not too small, not too long, and that, with its lightness and aerodynamics, could cover very large distances with reduced consumption.

When it was set into production, the first model was called the Premier I.

This series led to a true revolution in the world of business aviation, given that it included a composite fuselage, used for the first time in a private jet.

The great success of this model propelled the evolution of its successor, the Premier IA, which not only carried over the main aspects of its predecessor, but largely improved both in comfort, and technology.

Premier IA: Quality, Design, and Speed, in a single private jet

The Premier IA has an innovative fuselage, and within, is equipped with the most advanced tools available. All with the aim of creating a plane of high quality, able to let you experience every journey in true luxury:

  • exclusive design: the first thing catching the eye when you see it on the runway is its very particular design, with the ventral side of the cabin being slightly wider. With this structure, the new Premier IA model acquired greater stability in flight. When you are inside, you will barely perceive the changes in altitude;
  • wide cabin: the designers created a cabin that is compact while at the same time, being extremely luxurious and comfortable. The jet measures 14 meters externally, with a height of 4.67 meters. The cabin can accommodate up to 6 people, and in some models, even a seventh (which is almost always the crew). In addition, a practical toilet is integrated. The maximum internal height is 1.65 meters, while the width is 1.68 meter and a length of 4 meters;
  • safety: when building Premier IA, much attention was given to reliability. This is why it has an innovative fuselage consisting of a high-strength epoxy resin. The honeycomb structure allows it to be one of the safest private jets. The design took place through a computer with a 3D system, allowing its construction to be faster, thus lowering costs;
  • maximum comfort: even though the cabin is compact, it contains all elements suited for transporting VIPs such as you. The seats provide maximum comfort, with an ergonomic design that can adapt to any type of physique. The electric adjustment and leather trim make them a delight. Integrated, are also convenient folding tables on both sides, to provide a useful space for work. In addition, the luggage compartment has a capacity of 340 kg, very convenient for your bags and suitcases, offering you and your passengers the freedom to carry whatever they want on board;
  • width of the wings: one of the main aspects differentiating the Premier IA model from its predecessor is the width of the wings, slightly wider, which not only offer greater stability during the flight, but also a higher capacity for fuel. Allowing it to add around 250 pounds more than the previous model;
  • speed and distance: with its combination of aerodynamics and an innovative design with a light structure, the Premier IA model can reach a speed of 860 km / h with a maximum height of 12,500 meters and a capacity of 2,100 km;
  • pressurization: technology is another component that characterizes this model. The pressurization system is automatically regulated by a computer that stands among the most modern;
  • crew: The Premier IA is one of the largest models of private jets that can be driven by a single pilot. With this, the second member of the crew can dedicate himself entirely to the comfort of the passengers.

To conclude

The Premier IA jet is a perfect aircraft for VIP and corporate travel. It allows you to travel on an aircraft with innovative, and at the same time unique, characteristics and an important carrying capacity.

Even if the aim was to create a compact aircraft, the technologies applied to its construction make it both fast, and safe. Comfort and the possibility of continuing to carry out your business activities on board are part of what makes it the most desired jet in the world.

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