Gulfstream G280

Saturday 15 February 2020

Everything you need to know on the Jet with the longest flight range of the super-midsize category.

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In the previous articles, we considered the characteritcs of the Cessna Citation latitude and the Citation Sovereign+.

Turning the page, we’ll look over a jet which will offer you a decidedly high performance at an impressively low price.

Here is everything you need to know on the Gulfstream G280, a super midsize jet widely appreciated for business trips.

The Gulfstream G280: A powerful range.

The first thing you will notice, is that the Gulfstream G280 neatly distinguishes itself within the super mid-sized jet category.

For one simple reason: this aircraft’s operating range is of 6,667 kilometers.

Certainly, this is not the only distinctive characteristic of the Gulfstream 280: we must also mention the take-off speed.

It’s not only an impressive speed, but also the fact that you can hardly feel the vibrations nor hear any sounds that could normally stress or alert you.

It’s take-off phase, is characterized by a powerful engine that offers optimal thrust, while also being light and noticeably smooth. Guaranteeing both the maximum level of safety, anticipating any unnecessary worrying on your part, and letting you rest easy.

This jet can offer you a starting performance that is not to be underestimated.

Gulfstream G280: A unique reliability.

This model offers an optimal performance when it comes to flight autonomy.

We’re talking about flights that can last up to 8 consecutive hours, and that, consequently, allow you to reach far away destinations without facing any unexpected stops.

Thanks to a reduced fuel consumption you can be certain that your private jet charter will not incur elevated costs.

The reliability of this jet is also given by the lines of its wings.

With its subtle and almost sharp line, the maneuvers the pilots must at times adopt are uncomplicated. This is useful during all flight phases, take-off, cruising, and landing.

Taking advantage of its peculiar shape, this jet can take-off in a very short time, without letting you feel the usual “air gap”.

The automatic brakes and engines of the Gulfstream G280.

Another innovative feature is that both the brakes and the engines are automatic, which combine to prevent any unpleasant situations that could arise.

In event of difficult flight conditions, the automatic brakes will slowly hinder the jet, preventing an imperfect take-off or other negative experiences.

Also thanks to this feature, this jet has a strong longevity, given that it takes minimal wear with each flight.

The automatic engines switch off and activate depending on the given situation.

If the flight does not go as planned, the engines will ensure the brakes can function automatically. Conversely, in the case of a perfect take-off, the engines will maintain course with a stable thrust, preventing any loss in performance.

With this jet, you will have maximum safety, professionalism, and guaranteed optimal performances in every respect.

The accommodating interior of this private jet.

Of course, we cannot avoid mentioning the comforts offered by the Gulfstream G280.

One of the most interesting aspects distinguishing this model of aircraft is the beds available, more precisely, the 5 beds.

Making it ideal for international business trips, and or night flights.

Allow yourself some hours of useful rest thanks to the comfortable beds, which are sure to perfect your journey. Wake up completely refreshed, giving you the opportunity to close your business deal while fully energized, a sensation you will finally have at hand.

Entertainment onboard the Gulfstream G280.

Another crucial feature that make this model unique, is the various integrated entertainment systems you will be able to enjoy while onboard.

The dual Blu-ray/DVD player will let you indulge in your favourite film, or choose one among the many movies offered in flight.

In addition to this, there are of course high-definition screens: every single detail of the shows or movies you will choose to watch can be seamlessly admired throughout your journey.

The Gulfstream G280 also includes a fast internet connection, another good reason to choose this jet for your business trips.

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