Challenger 850

Sunday 16 February 2020

We present with the Bombardier heavy jet that will surprise you.

If you need to charter a private jet with a large group, the Challenger 850 may be the best answer to your needs.

The Challenger 850 is one of the gems in Bombardier’s fleet of aircraft. It is the latest model of private jets derived from the Bombardier CRJ200, produced from 1991 to 2006, that could host up to 48 passengers.

The production of the CRJ200 was halted in 2006, and there were no more than 1000 were sold. Compared to its predecessor, the Challenger 850 presents unparalleled attention to detail and passengers.

The number of seats were reduced from 48 to a maximum of 12 to 14, based on the customer’s need.

Technical characteristics of the Challenger 850

This private jet is defined by a slim and long fuselage. Suited to provide maximum comfort and relaxation to all passengers, for the duration of any intercontinental and transoceanic journey.

The dimensions are 26,77 meters in length, 6,22 meters in height, and 21,21 meters in wingspan respectively.

It is a dual propulsion jet, propelled by two General Electric CF34-3B1 engines.

The CF34-3B1 can boast of longevity and high performance. With currently over 5.600 units in circulation, they allow the Challenger 850 to reach a cruising speed of 0.77 Mach, a speed on longer routes of 0.74 Mach, and a maximum speed of 0.80 Mach.

The maximum range is of 5,206 km: an excellent range for a jet that offers a high passenger capacity in its category.

This gives it the ability to perform incredibly comfortable intercontinental flights: distances such as New York – Los Angeles (approx. 3.936 km), and Rome – Mosco (approx. 4.753 km).

With a maximum flight altitude of 12.497 meters, the Challenger 850 can fly above the flight level where most storms manifest.

The materials used in the fuselage, through long years of service, still allow the aircraft to boast excellent safety and soundproofing.

Its average fuel consumption of 307 gallons per hour (approx. 1162 litres) does not make it one of the most efficient jets in terms of consumption (especially compared with chartering a Falcon 900LX).

In any case, the fuel consumed is entirely justified by the aircraft’s performance, and remains lower than the consumption of airliners.

The interior of the Challenger 850: optimization and comfort.

The pearl of Bombardier presents a cabin interior of 14,76 meters in length, 1,85 meters in height, and 2,49 meters wide, for a total surface area of 32 square meters.

In practice, it serves as a studio apartment dedicated to comfort and the most refined luxury.

The cabin is subdivided by 5 sections:

  • 2 toilets, one that comes fully equipped, while the other, more modest, is for the crew; 
  • A section to rest, relax, and spend your flight hours in leisure;
  • A section to work, discuss, and share pleasant time together;
  • A spacious section for luggage accessible anytime during the flight, 5 cubic meters, and perfect for ensuring the maximum space available for use by up to 14 passengers.

The cabin interior is curated down to the minutest detail; the soft leather armchairs are exceedingly comfortable, ergonomic, and extendable for those wishing to take a nap.

The upholstery added to the rest of the interior make the flight hours a relaxing experience to all the senses, while the acoustic insulation of the fuselage halts any external noise, particularly from the engines, from disturbing the journey.

Connectivity onboard is guaranteed by cutting-edge systems which allow full access to your electronics, optimizing your flight time with work, or leisure.

Whether you are flying for business, or leisure, you will be able to remain connected to the internet at all times; a must for any private jet.

The cockpit of the Challenger 850: crew and steering systems

The Challenger 850 plans for a crew of three: two pilots and one flight assistant to ensure your every need is met throughout the journey.

As for the cockpit, the Challenger 850 is equipped with the best tools on the market:

  • A Rockwell Collings Pro Line 4 control panel, that allows the pilots to keep an eye on all fundamental parameters of the flight simultaneously;
  • Two EICAS screens (Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System);
  • A dual FMS 4200 (Flight Management System), also produced by Rockwell Collins, one of the best companies for flight equipment in the world;
  • Dual GPS;
  • Dual IRS (Inertial Reference System), to monitor flight stability;
  • The best technologies for safety,  the EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System), the TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System), and a dual DME and ADF.

With over 11 million hours of service and no reported incidents, the Challenger 850 is the best travel solution for large groups who do not compromise on the comfort and luxury only a private jet can provide.

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