Private Jet Cessna Citation Mustang

Easy access to small airports.

The Citation Mustang C510 sets the standard in the air taxi services, offering high performance and great airport accessibility at affordable fares.

Seating 4 passengers comfortably in its compact and sleek design, this business jet is perfect for short trips, fitting just the luggage you need, traveling the lengths with a range ideal for Europe.

Its size lets you land at the smaller airports and runways, such as Lugano, London City, or Samedan/Engadin airport in St-Moritz.

More than this, the experience of this compact jet is what makes it worth it. While in-flight, this light jet gives you a feeling nothing short of elating. Powered by a Pratt and Whitney twin engines PW615F, the Mustang gets you high above the clouds and weather up to flight level 400 (40,000 feet).

While looking down on the effervescent sight of immersed turboprops and letting you mind nothing of the weather while cruising.



  • Cruising Speed: 630 km/h
  • Luggage capacity: 25 kg per pax
  • Ski compartment
  • Emergency toilet
  • Golf bag extension
  • 2,000 km flight range