Hawker 400XP

A fleet managed by Fast Private Jet

Hawker 400XP

Fast Private Jet owns the management of an exclusive commercial fleet of four “Hawker 400XP" aircrafts starting from May 2020.

The aircrafts represent perfectly comfort, performance and costs. Perfect for short and medium-haul flights.

The Light Business Jets are perfect for short and medium-haul flights. They are configured with 7 comfortable seats and a large toilet to offer quality in terms of price, comfort and speed. The Hawker 400XP will probably become one of your favorite private planes for relaxing holidays or for business trips organized even at the last minute.
The aircrafts are based at Napoli Capodichino airport & Roma Ciampino airport.
A.O.C. n. IT075 released by ENAC to SLAM Lavori Aerei S.r.l.
Flying hours 4h
Max range 1438 nm
2663 km
Max speed 400 kts
740 kmh
Max altitude 45.000 ft 13.716 km
Passengers 7
Cabin height 1.45 m
Cabin width 1.50 m
Cabin length 4.72 m
Luggage capacity 1.50 m²
Cabin Layout

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