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Thursday 2 April 2020 Top destinations

Welcome to Cannes!

The Glamorous Cannes sets camera flashes popping at its film festival in May, when stars pose in tuxes and full-length gowns on the red carpet. But the glitz doesn't end there. Throughout the year, as you walk among the designer bars, couture shops and palaces of La Croisette, the wealth and glamour of this city cannot fail to impress: admiring Ferraris and Porsches and celebrity-spotting on the chic sunlounger-striped beaches and liner-sized yachts moored at the port are perennial Cannes pastimes.

Whether Cannes' soul has managed to survive its celebrity-playground status is another question, but there’s still enough natural beauty to make a trip worthwhile: the harbour, the bay, the nightlife, the clutch of offshore islands and the old quarter, Le Suquet, all spring into life on a sunny day. And with the city's famous beaches that will benefit from a serious facelift in 2019, there's suddenly lots more sparkle in the city!

The splendid La Croisette promenade curving around the bay is the stage for the spectacle that is Cannes. With a sparkling acreage of briny out front and exotic greenery, you’ll see beautiful youth, handsome families and over-tanned ladies with brush-head dogs still wearing furs in June (the ladies, not the dogs – though…). Weaving in and out will be joggers, rollerbladers and clowns on stilts, all providing a performance for the people-watchers laid out under umbrellas or securely seated at the host of bars and restaurants stacked along the promenade.

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