Will It Be Safe To Travel This Summer

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There is hope and excitement in the air as vaccinations begin rolling out and many countries start to open slowly and safely. 

Mask mandates begin to ease, with other countries still working hard to keep their populations safe and healthy. 

The best advice is to listen to the medical professionals and scientist’s recommendations. 

On how to stay safe this summer, and cautious to protect yourself and loved ones. 

Experts Advice on Safe Travel

“Continue to practise of social distancing and focus on enjoying activities that are in open spaces because there are not enough fully vaccinated individuals, as of yet,” quoted Dr. Christopher Garofalo, a Family Physician in Attleboro, Massachusetts. 

In April, the CDC (The Center for Disease Control) shifted their stance; on the guidelines of masks requirements for the vaccinated and unvaccinated in the United States. 

Vaccinated and unvaccinated constituents can go without masks outdoors, with their intermediate family members. 

The advice continued with further guidelines that fully vaccinated individuals in public places will have to follow the procedures and regulations of the institutions.

Airport Safety 

Such as airports, shopping centres, and any public place where there is a controlled crowd. 

Where does this leave everyone yearning to take a trip and fly? 

The CDC provides stern specific instructions stating international travel is prohibited for only vaccinated individuals.

Unless emergency or necessary for an unvaccinated individual to fly.


With all recommended precautions still in place, both vaccinated, and non-vaccinated individuals are required to administer a 3-day viral test to enter the United States or the visiting country.   

With all the information regarding safety measures and following local governments preventive measures to protect their country from another resurgence, is it safe to travel this summer?

Through all the changing information, there is excellent data from medical professionals regarding the infection rate this summer and the possibility more individuals will decide to get vaccinated when travel is on their mind. 

Expert Data 

CDC delivers more statistical data explaining that nearly 63.9% of Americans vaccinated, a staggering 141.0 million fully vaccinated, the EU with about 70% percent of EU vaccinated, 150 million fully vaccinated, a prediction by July, most adults will be fully immunised.   

The European Union re-opened their borders in June of 2021 due to the significant low infection rate in the EU.  

It has many travellers excited and ready to book flights and vacation stays in the most desirable destinations

How Flying Charter Can Help 

With continued restrictions and recommendations from the CDC (The Center For Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization), COVID-19 has helped the private jet industry the most. 

Resorts and hotels are catching on to this phenomenon, reducing commercial flights by 50% during September and October, private jets only declined by 10%.

Once seen for only the rich and famous, it is now a safe way to travel and avoid the chaos and pressures of overcrowded commercial flights. 

But, one of the main obstacles said by Jack Ezon, founder of Emark Travel,   is introducing travel in small doses to his clients and educating them about using jet charter accommodations. 

To assist, with the rise of questions, where to find private charter arrangements, there is the flexibility of booking a flight within a commercial airport along with global access, as well.

Travel sites offering packages with experiences similar to Emark Travel to share a taste of the high life with short trips with private jet charter flights. 

Additionally, private jet travel is deemed safer because of the allowed capacity inside their private airports and the aircraft itself. 

With the statistics on why it’s a better option to fly charter for safety from SARS CoV 2 with air quality, let’s dive in.

Filtered Air

With the jet boarding about nine passengers for medium size with a travel range of 1000 to 3000 miles to a large charter jet that seats about 500 passengers that ranges between 1000 to 9000 miles. 

The air quality on private jets is touted for their best quality, which outperforms the systems on HEPA filters on commercial flights. 

An expert used an example of a mustang bleed jet, which uses a technique of bleed air that is heated and cools the air and releases it into the cabin.

Which gives the passengers safe, clean air filters to prevent the spread of virus and bacteria. 

The benefits of flying with all the possible safeguards should be enough for you to consider why it would be the best option to fly a private charter jet.


A lot of would-be travellers are seeking other options besides commercial flights.

With an ample amount of legroom and clean cabins, the filtered air and top-of-a-line air filtration system.

Consider travelling in comfort and leisure while staying safe and away from the crowds and the noise.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information, we will be glad to hear from you and to provide you with the needed assistance.

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