Why You Need to Try a Private Jet Experience

Thursday 25 November 2021 Blog, Holidays, Tips & Hints

If you haven't flown private yet it is an experience that's worthwhile. Sometimes we are annoyed by flying commercial due to waiting in lines, dealing with people dealing with delays, and so many other factors.

Flying commercials can ruin our experience of flying and might not make it the best experience for you. At Fast Private Jet, we want to change that experience for you and make sure that you are enjoying every minute of your journey whether you are going on a business trip, a vacation, or a simple getaway.

Today we'll be talking about why you need to try the private jet experience. It is more than just paying for the luxury ride, which is a big plus, but there are also some benefits compared to flying commercial.

Save time

saving travel time

Skip the lines and get to your location faster by booking a private jet! As we have seen from many movie scenes people are running across the airport to catch their flight and there are so many obstacles in the way.

Not only is there the security section but you have to give the airport your luggage, if needed, then wait until your plane boards.

For those who are familiar with flying this, the process sounds easy and sounds like it would take 30 minutes. Well, I left out one factor which is the people!

There are lines for everything and depending on where your airport is it is very likely to get there an hour or even an hour and a half before your flight. 

The time you spent waiting is precious time that you could be spending in the air! You should be able to arrive 10 minutes before your flight and get on board with no issues.

A private jet can do that for you! Spend less time waiting in lines and more time in the air and on your way to your location.



Say you have gotten onto your commercial flight after long lines through security only to find out they threw away half of your personal hygiene products because they were over the size limit.

Then you finally made it on your flight but there is a woman and her upset baby next to you and a couple in front of you going through quite the rough patch.

Don’t make flying feel like such a hassle, instead use this as a chance to enjoy your flying experience.

With a private jet, you get all the privacy to relax without any other noises from families and couples.

Less Exposure to Germs

Less Exposure to Germs

Since the pandemic, a lot of people have been very aware of the germs around them. We have reopened and people are flying with commercial airlines with practices in place to make sure they're the least amount of germs being transferred.

Employees working for commercial planes do a great job of upholding their duties, cleaning in between flights and providing as much hand sanitizer as they possibly can.

But overall during the flight, it's hard to kind of stop people from spreading their own germs. People are coughing and sneezing and no one can exactly tell them to stop that. Unfortunately, whenever someone coughs or sneezes, germs spread and it's a lot easier to avoid that if you're flying privately on your own or with at least people you're familiar with. 

Travel in Luxury

Travel in Luxury

Depending on the flight you are taking and whether you are flying first class or not- it is very likely that your amenities on a commercial flight are just some peanuts and a soda.

With a private jet experience, you can choose to travel in luxury with amenities and services. Contact Fast Private Jet today to see what is included in your flight!

Whether you are going on a business trip or a vacation it is time to make the most of your experience.



As mentioned earlier, flying private saves time but it is also convenient. You are in control of the date and place to fly to. Not only that but you get direct flights to your destination. No need to waste time for layovers or choosing commercial flights.

Choose a flight that takes off when it is convenient for you and gets you where you need to be.

Final Thoughts

The private jet experience is more than just the luxury, it is all the benefits that make the price worth it. When you compare, the price for a commercial flight isn’t worth the wait, the layovers, the lines, and crying babies.

Upgrade your lifestyle to a better deal and talk to people who can make that happen for you.

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