What Does It Cost To Fly Your Pet On A Private Jet?

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Flying with your family pet is not only the most sensible choice to make.

It’s the most logical decision, especially if you are travelling on a jet charter with a pet.

Of course, your pet will fly with just the same opulence and luxury, as you will. 

Let's go over some tips and fun commentary, lay out all the facts to enjoy a pleasant holiday with pets included.

What Kinds of Pets Can Travel On Private Jets?

  1. Pets under and over 150 pounds
  2. Healthy Pets 
  3. Cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles, but some restrictions apply to international policies of breed and type of animal.
  4. There are no breed restrictions or size when it comes to dogs.

Does the Private jet provide food?

Most luxury private jets, especially pet-friendly jets, offer food for your pet.

It’s suggested if your pet may have allergies or food sensitivities. 

Bringing your pet’s food will benefit your pet and help with any flying anxieties they may have. 

A bonus to flying private, some charter flights offer water with flower essence and bio-organic food. 

Sleeping arrangements

Sleeping arrangements are equally executed with the same care to detail,  such as soft sleeping mats, designated places for rest, for an afternoon nap. 

The Costs of Private Jet Charter for your furry friend

After researching most private charter flights companies,  there is no extra charge. 

Some flights charged hourly rates and saw an 11.3% per cent increase in 2017; not affected by pets are other surcharge concerns. 

Rates begin at 1,500 American dollars for a piston and $5,000 an hour for a mid-size turbo aircraft. 

Scanning over this, you may think this may be on the expensive end regarding costs. 

The reasoning beyond flying your pet private is to not end up in the hold of the aircraft. 

Which, if your pet meets the commercial flights’ qualifications, you fly for a cheaper fee. 

But, the rewards do not outweigh the risks when it comes to the safety and well-being of your pet. 

The best accommodations for costs are locating an empty leg flight, especially if you are travelling with several house pets of diverse sizes internationally. 

Empty Leg Flights For Pets

What is an empty leg flight? 

An empty leg flight is when a private jet returns to its local airport empty, one-way flight, or relocation to another stop. 

The best candidates for these types of flights are one-way trip flyers with an open agenda and pet owners looking to save on costs when it comes to space for their pets and luggage. 

The best way to seek out these flights is to ask for any availability. 

This air travel is possible at a short moment's notice within two to three days. 

Let’s discuss numbers. 

In reserving private air travel, the going rate is $10,000 to $50,000, depending on whether to charter a jet across a country. 

For example, if you travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco at a price point of $5,000 to $10,000 with your family pet and depending on which charter aircraft you choose to rent. 

Or a small family of four with two average size dogs, charting a one way trip from Los Angeles to New York, your costs will maximise the amount to $35,000 and so forth. 

Policies and Rules

Pet-friendly charter planes are the best way to fly, especially when you are more interested in a worry-free flight. 

Private jet charter companies have policies that allow them to be selective on the types of house pets and their size. 

Make sure you have a long conversation with your broker about classification if your pet will be the best fit for that size of jet or not. 

These types of aviation companies accustomed to dealing with pets, going out of their way, and ensuring the best luxuries for your pet.  

Keep in mind that you have to be just as prepared for your pet to fly as you are for your human family. 

Ensure your pet is aware of the stress they may be involved with flying and have all the appropriate toiletries, such as a pad for waste or medicines prescribed by their veterinarian. 

If your pet damages anything on the aircraft, the private charter is all extra expenses, then billed separately. 


Your four-legged friend will enjoy the holiday getaway or international move as much as you. 

Seeking out pet-friendly charter jets is easy, but locating the correct one that will be able to handle your family pet, just as good, is difficult. 

Contact Fast Private Jet, receive this special treatment and get a quote to fly you and your pets into the sunset of luxury. 

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