What are private jets’ empty flights

Friday 15 November 2019 Blog

Are you considering booking a private jet and, in while looking into it, came across the term "empty leg"?


Well, in case you are curious, we took some time to clarify what these flights are, and why they’re very convenient.


Traveling in the comfort of a private jet, and with savings of up to 75%? With empty flights, it is possible.


Flying to London, Paris, Berlin, or any other European or global destination using private jets has become both easy and cheap, especially for those traveling in groups.


Empty flights, also called empty legs, are an absolute novelty for travel lovers, or even for those who need to fly for business purposes.


Beyond saving, which is of fundamental importance, the flight comfort of empty legs is unparalleled in comparison to the offers of main airlines.


We are talking about aircraft making trips to a few locations, with a high-level comfort and some of the most advanced technologies.


In short, safety, comfort, and price are what defines empty legs.


But let’s elaborate further. 


Empty flights: what they are


The market travelling with luxury aircraft is growing rapidly.


The collective unconscious of a few years ago, which connected charter flights to unreliable and unattainable prices, has been largely superseded. Particularly as it is now possible to save massively when travelling in a group, or with empty legs.


Empty flights are the result of an intelligent marketing strategy, covering logistic and booking holes in travel schedules, by chartering of a private jet at a competitive price. 


In fact, empty legs exist because: when private one-way flights are organized, it often happens that the aircraft will return to its base airport, or it will fly to another destination positioning for its next trip, without any passengers on board.


Hence the term “empty flight” or “empty leg”.

And these routes, which otherwise would not be productive, are sold at very low prices compared to a classic private flight.


A real stroke of genius that combines useful and enjoyable, bringing together potential customers and private jet charter companies.


The advantages of empty legs


The advantages of booking empty legs are not to be found exclusively in the price.


They happen to provide very convenient flights for certain customers.


Above all, business men and women who need to travel comfortably to big cities for work purposes.


Empty legs are also convenient for groups of people who want to grab a last-minute flight to certain preferred locations, conveniently, and dividing the cost into equal parts.


The price is inherently convenient, and why not, as is the thrill of a last-minute adventure.


To mention the price, well, here is why it is the main feature: we calculate savings up to 75% of the full charter price of a private jet.


Not pulling your (empty) leg: normally, these flights would still make the trip with no passengers, and their only cost is fuel expenditure.


Empty legs: any disadvantages?


Considering the reason empty flights exist, and the clear advantages of booking them. Does bring us to also consider any disadvantages.


The price is certainly advantageous, particularly for a luxury flight. Private jets are offer a quality of travel and superior safety systems, unparalleled by normal scheduled flights.


However, despite there being a huge discount applied for empty flights, the price is still higher than a scheduled airliner ticket.


Let's imagine, for example, the London-Amsterdam route: the price of an empty flight per person is of around 350 euros. The disadvantage being that these flights cut off the medium-low target range.


A more real disadvantage, however, is in the fact that even when booked and purchased, empty leg flights are subject to flexibility, the flight can be modified, or even suddenly cancelled.


These unpleasant situations are directly impacted by any schedule changes to the originally booked flight, that is, of the one-way flight booked at full price which makes it  possible to book a positioning leg at fuel cost in the first place.


Due to this, empty flight appear clearly more suitable for those who have no issues in making their trip flexible, even if they have to cancel it, but look for a great way to experience journeys in private jets at a much lower price range.


Empty flights, the future is sharing


In a nutshell, empty legs are special flight opportunities that allow for huge savings on your private jet charters.


Price is their most important advantage, offering you both comfort and luxury to European and international destinations, at a bargain deal.


They are suited to a high-profile audience with a need to travel last minute, or to groups that want to take a luxury trip in spite of the risk the schedules may change or even that the flight may be canceled.


These are increasingly popular flights because they offer huge savings compared to the full charter of a private jet, reaching up to 75%.


The true stroke of genius is in being able to combine the needs of demanding travelers, with the opportunity for companies to cover costs of routes that otherwise would have had no passengers on board. Turning an uneconomical cost, into a win-win arrangement.


Empty legs are a real bet for the future, with the demand becoming consistently higher, this convenient and rewarding travel is bound to merge with the emerging concept of ride-sharing, aimed at drastically reducing unnecessary wast

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