Travelling by private jet: the airport benefits

Tuesday 10 December 2019 Blog

The exclusive airport advantages of your next private jet flight.

Why you should charter a private jet for your business travels.

Curious to know the advantages of chartering a private jet?

If you travel frequently for business and business-related tasks, you will have certainly realized that, regardless of the airline, a whole range of situations can inevitably compromise the comfort of your trip.

Among the most common "pet peeves” of airline travel, are:

  • The long waits at check-in, mainly due to the queue when boarding,
  • Endless stress when collecting luggage from the hold upon landing with the possible risk of not finding it (further wasting time reporting the problem) or finding damaged items,
  • Possible delays,
  • Strikes,
  • that aircraft are often rather dated (not always just with low-cost airlines)
  • the increasingly frequent downsizing of fleets

And the result? With these drawbacks, you lose both time and money.

Ultimately, this also affects your business.

Chartering a private jet allows you to avoid the stress of these issues. And the airport advantages, unsurprisingly, are really obvious.

Before getting further into these benefits, let’s quickly go over why it is worth choosing our company to fly aboard a private jet, paying for a top-quality service.

In a nutshell, chartering a private jet with us means taking advantage of the highest level of dynamism, which is unknown to all commercial airlines which share the market.

Of the main benefits we find: time saved, higher productivity, safety standards of the highest levels, and extreme flexibility.

We do our job seamlessly, and offer you a service specifically designed for the business man constantly engaged abroad (and not only) for business purposes.

Did you know that you can charter a private plane as a group? Read: "Group charter". Reaching more destinations in a few hours and returning within the day, without a private jet, is a mirage. Turn to us instead, it will become your reality.

That being said, here's why you should choose to charter a jet for your travels.

1. Maximum flexibility, zero risk

By opting to charter a private jet, you will minimize any risk, as the availability of the aircraft is guaranteed to you by contract.

And, up to 24 hours before departure, you still have the option to change the departure time and date.

It is well known that last minute changes are the rule, and not the exception, in the business world.

2. Perfect planning and attention to detail

You are the first to define your flight schedule, with our complete support.

It is up to our staff to take care of planning the flight, ensuring with your sufficient advance notice, that all the various customs formalities are covered so that your flight will run smoothly.

3. Flying with a private jet lets you save time

As an experienced business man, you are certainly aware of the fact that time, is money.

Even more so when traveling abroad, for work and other professional reasons.

Being able to show up just 15 minutes before the flight, embarking swiftly from a private terminal used ad hoc for this type of trip, is the ultimate comfort.

It also follows that you will not even lose a minute of your precious time with luggage.

You no longer have to make distinctions between carry-on and hold luggage, read the rules on size and weight that vary from airline to airline and, among other things, are increasingly subject to change.

The demoralizing wait required to pick up your checked luggage once landed, will only be a distant memory of the past. Because with a private jet, you can take everything with you.

If for example, you recently purchased a house abroad and you are needing an important transfer, you can make it with a single private flight.

4. You can reach the aircraft by private car

If the usual journey by bus to reach the airplane for you is synonymous with stress, you should know that if you decide to fly aboard a private jet you can do away with that problem.

How come?

Trust us, we will ensure you reach the aircraft in comfort with a private car.

If you really don't want to miss out, we can also arrange a Limousine.

The same, for obvious reasons, can be arranged on your return, upon which you will be directly accompanied to the hotel, to the office, or home.

With your transport organized, you will optimize your time. Our crew will be there to welcome you at the aircraft, and you will avoid the usually grueling procedures.

5. Farewell to connections or stops

On longer routes and connecting flights, facing one or more stopovers are unfortunately necessary when flying with airlines.

On board a private jet, it is an entirely different pair of cards.

Zero connections and no need to use those secondary alternate airports which, is well-known, are not congested.

6. Safety standards of the highest level

The threat of terrorism is always lurking and, needless to hide it, you can see it in numerous airport structures.

Unlike a few years ago, security measures have become more rigid.

On board a private jet, none of these will hinder you. We verify all safety measures regularly and accurately.

7. Catering

Flying in a private jet is also a unique experience when it comes to the catering.

Taking advantage of our company’s suggestions, including pastries, light snacks, fruit, sandwiches, salads, and chocolate, you are spoiled for choice.

You have the opportunity to select what you want to enjoy in relation to the time of day, selecting what is most in line with your actual needs.

The VIP menu, then, between appetizers, main courses, desserts, and wine is a sneak peek of the entire service.

It's up to you to tell our staff about your culinary needs.

You decide if you’d like to opt for an energizing menu at breakfast, as you fly in the early hours of the morning, if you need to focus on a particularly satisfying lunch menu or a tantalizing tray of appetizers in the afternoon, or if you choose a light meal for dinner.

Our team will then be on board the aircraft, ready to satisfy you when you request your customized catering.

In our menu we open the field to Italian cuisine, although it must be noted that other cuisines, renowned internationally, are increasingly popular.

This is why, we also made sure to adapt.

Many wealthy professionals end up referring to a restaurant, and having their dishes prepared for them.

So, do we.

The best onboard our private jets, in our view, is the complete bar.

If you feel like enjoying fresh champagne, a vintage wine, a special liqueur ... said and done. In terms of drink selection, this service is nothing short of impeccable.

8. Other

There are plenty of problems related traditionally scheduled flights.

Some of these fit under, "other", given their heterogeneity.

Staff may be rude, unavailable, or not provide the necessary assistance.

Traveling with other passengers, you inevitably encounter limitations.

There are numerous inflight disturbances and little space for one's privacy, unfortunately.

Uncomfortable situations, which you will find no trace of aboard a private jet.

To conclude...

These definitively list the various airport advantages that come with flying by private jet.

There are some who prefer “light jets”, ideal for business trips at short distances, those who prefer “midsized jets” for intermediate distances, as they offer maximum comfort in cabin space, and then, there are those who prefer “heavy jets”, ideal for long-haul business trips, as they ensure all kinds of luxury and extravagances.

Our aircraft are comfortable and modern, you will be able work comfortably onboard or easily rest with your guests.

As more and more professionals are willing to pay the difference to fly in comfort, there is certainly more than one reason.

It is an entirely different ball game, compared to that of airline scheduled flights.

Can you see it too?

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