Top 4 Private Jet Tips For First-time Private Travellers

Thursday 27 January 2022 Blog, Business, Family, Tips & Hints, Top Destinations

Looking to fly private for the first time? While the experience is a dream filled with outstanding services it can all seem quite intimidating especially if you may be flying with co-workers for the first time.

Today we have the top 4 tips for first-time fliers so you can feel comfortable when you book with Fast Private Jet.

Choose An Aircraft Fitting To Your Trip

Aircraft Fitting To Your Trip

If you've decided to fly privately for the first time, chartering an aircraft is one of the most straightforward ways to arrange your flight. There are a variety of charter alternatives available, including one-off charters (flights that are charged individually), memberships, and the purchase of a jet card.

If you opt to charter an aircraft, the charter firm you engage with can become your most crucial resource once you've decided on the best route for your travel needs.

These professionals can help you choose the ideal aircraft from various models and options for your trip, taking into account the number of passengers on your flight, the amount of luggage, your travel schedule, and any onboard amenities or services you require. 

Keep in mind that, depending on your location, the size of the jet counts – certain airports have restrictions on the size of aircraft that may land on their runway.

Other items to be mindful of and ask about when discussing your trip with a charter company include the firm's cancellation policy (if your trip cannot go ahead), safety standards, and — notably in the current climate.

Pack Based On The Aircraft Guidelines

Pack Based On The Aircraft Guidelines

When preparing for your first private jet journey, you'll want to think carefully about what to bring. Larger baggage cannot be accessed immediately from the cabin on many light jets, so bringing a carry-on bag is still a good idea. 

Larger jets, on the other hand, frequently offer onboard luggage lockers, so you won't have to worry about packing everything you'll need for the voyage in a specific carry-on bag.

Space aboard private jets can be restricted depending on the number of passengers on board, so be sure to pack accordingly and account for the lack of storage. Some items, including firearms and sharp objects, will not be permitted on board, as they are on commercial planes. 

Depending on your flight charter, you may be able to bring your pet along.

At the very least, remember to bring your ID when preparing for your journey.

While there are some advantages to traveling privately, such as avoiding the lines in a commercial airport's security section, you will still need identification to be examined by the officials. Only a valid passport will be accepted as identification for foreign travel.

Onboard Etiquette

Onboard Etiquette

If you're a passenger on someone else's plane or it's your first time flying privately, there are a few things to bear in mind. One of the things on your mind as you prepare for your trip is whether or not private jets have a dress code. While the response is usually no, it is crucial to dress correctly for your trip. 

For example, if the flight is for business and you will be traveling with coworkers, it is advisable to dress in business attire and maintain a professional demeanor.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you're taking your first private jet journey on someone else's invitation.

Unless they insist, the host of the aircraft should always be the first person to board. They can verify if they are happy with the plane and find their regular or favorite seat with the host first inside the cabin. 

This avoids any embarrassing situations, allowing you to completely appreciate those first thrilling moments as you enter the cabin.

If you're flying on someone else's jet or traveling with others, think of their requirements as well; they might want some privacy or not want their whereabouts broadcast to the rest of the world. While using your gadgets onboard is welcomed, use of social media should be kept to a minimum; always ask before using.

Understanding The Post Flight Process

Post Flight Process

Ground transportation should be ready shortly after your arrival to whisk you away to your final destination. Vehicles are authorized to pick up passengers beside the plane at many airports, so you won't have to travel back into the FBO or terminal to find your car. 

It's a good idea to double-check your transportation arrangements before your journey, but if you forget, ask the flight crew or pilot if they can radio ahead and request a car for you.

One question you may have as you say your goodbyes and thank the flight crew is whether or not you should give a gratuity.

While tips are neither needed nor expected on private jet flights if your pilot and cabin crew have gone above and beyond your expectations, feel free to express your gratitude with a tip. It's always nice to be recognized for your efforts, and who knows, you might run across them again the next time you fly privately.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have gone through all the tips it still doesn’t hurt to ask your private jet company about what to expect and the process. 

A private jet experience will offer you luxury experience and they are more than happy to walk through the process so you can be prepared and comfortable.

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