The Private Jet Experience: Tips For First Time Fliers

Thursday 21 April 2022 Blog, Tips & Hints

The demand for private jet charters is seeing a consistent upward trend nowadays - thanks to how accessible it has become to book and charter private flights with only a few swipes and clicks on your phones. 

Flying private is undoubtedly a major upgrade from commercial flights, and even first-class seats couldn’t compare to the experience. 

However, the first time is always filled with questions and curiosities- but don’t let this spoil your flying private jet experience, as we’ve got you covered on the most basic questions to fully enjoy this luxurious means of air travel. 

What Are The Destinations Available For A Private Jet? 

One of the most excellent perks of flying private is that you are entitled to a whole roster of destinations that you can travel to and from most conveniently and stylishly. 

Some of the world’s most exclusive island destinations are only accessible via private jet. Lesser known but equally enchanting locations not available on commercial flights can be easily explored by chartering a private aircraft. 

Opting for a private flight also entails faster onboarding and disembarking - no more waiting in long lines and being at risk for flight delays. 

You can also get to your destination faster when you choose to charter a private jet and enjoy more time in your chosen destination. 

Do You Need a Passport On A Private Jet? 

Do I Need Passport On A Private Jet

One of the many reasons flying commercial is a bit of a hassle (an understatement, really) is that you will have to bring a lot of documents, whether for checking in, immigration, and all other required steps, before you can board the plane.  

Having said that, it also means that more time is allotted to accomplish these steps to travel and get to your destination successfully. 

If you are flying privately to a domestic location, you do not need a passport. However, you would be asked to provide proof of identification. 

For private international flights, the same procedures are still observed. You would need a passport, depending on where you will be traveling. 

The good thing about flying via private aircraft is that you get to avoid the lines and the hassle of processing your documents by yourself, as the crew onboard will do this, so you can rest comfortably in the lounge. 

Pro-tip: If you are traveling with your pet, ensure you are ready with their passports, as this document is required in some countries. 

What To Wear On a Private Jet?

What To Wear

The ideal ensemble traveling via private jet is always business casual. It just goes so well with the overall ambiance and compliments the luxurious look of a private aircraft.

However, you can also do a comfortable outfit- it’s really up to you. 

Or it could depend on the nature of your trip. If you’re traveling for business purposes, formal attire would be preferable. 

If you’re traveling for a holiday, our best suggestion would be to go with the style you’re most comfortable with. Be as stylish as you want- but not too much that you’re sacrificing comfort over style. 

What Are The Amenities Of A Private Jet?

Amenities Of A Private Jet

The amenities of a private jet will depend on the model of the aircraft and depending on how many passengers will be boarding the plane. 

Your destination is also another factor in which aircraft you can charter. 

What’s guaranteed, however, is space- and lots of it. 

Private jets are notorious for being the most comfortable type of air travel. A huge factor contributing to that is their difference in the layout compared with first-class commercial flights. 

When you charter a private aircraft, you spoil yourself with the onboard amenities. From luxury lounge chairs to a full-sized bed and bath-your comfort and relaxation are placed at utmost priority. 

Some private jets are also equipped with unique rooms such as entertainment and conference rooms. 

There is also an option to request how you would want the interior to look, adding up to the overall experience of your private flight. 

Can I Bring My Pets On Board? 

Can I Bring My Pets On Board

The thing about commercial flights is that it’s a fur parent’s worst nightmare. 

Just the thought of being separated from your beloved pet and how they will be kept at the rear of the plane where they are out of your sight can be unsettling and can cause you to worry throughout the entire flight. 

With private jets, that will no longer be a dilemma as your pets can comfortably be with you where you can give them little cuddles and join you as you look outside the window and see your chosen destination from above. 

This level of care and consideration is only possible via chartering a private aircraft, and is easily one of the best reasons you should book one for your next trip. 

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