The most expensive private jets (ideal for business trips)

Wednesday 23 October 2019 at 15:35 Blog

Do you often fly for work? Are you looking for a way to travel that can make a definitive change in your lifestyle?

Carry on reading this article, as we're going to peek into the world of private jet charters.

You will soon understand why the demand for chartered flights is becoming increasingly common, and of these, which are the most expensive private jets, ideal for business trips.

But first of all, why should you charter a private jet for an hour or so? Move on the next paragraph!

Why take advantage of booking a private jet?

Frequent flyers, often travelling for work, are now aware more than ever of the endless queues at check-in, grueling waits, unexpected holdups, strikes, and delays.

What does it all amount to?

A huge loss of time... Often then resulting in frustration which brings with it repercussions on work performance!

It is no wonder these inconveniences make up some of the reasons why our private jet charter service is in constant expansion.

What are the strengths of our service?

Flexible hours
Custom flights
Customer needs come first
Swift check-in
Comfort and possibility to work on board
Highly competitive prices
A team of professionals ready to help you choose the aircraft to best suit your needs

Let's go into more detail...
Which aircraft are we referring to? Are they really the best private jets for charter on the market?
Well, yes!

The aircraft in our fleet were carefully chosen among the best in the market. These private jets are equipped with all possible comforts and are the most requested models of the moment.

Among our available business jets, you will find:

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)
Gulfstream 450
Embraer Legacy 600

Those just listed are only a small portion of the business jets we have available for charter: contact us to find out more on their features, and to take a look at the other models available!

That said, which are the most expensive jets?

The 5 most expensive private planes

In first place, the Airbus A380 proudly stands: the private plane of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, this aircraft is capable of accommodating up to 800 people. It costs approximately 500 million dollars, and has been customized to its minutest detail. On board, saunas were installed, as well as plasma screens, a parking lot, a room designed to pray, and even elevators to travel its vast interiors with ease.
The Boeing 747 VIP: worth 358 million dollars, for most, it is an airliner. But it can also be transformed into an exclusive private plane. This particular aircraft represents unbridled luxury at its best. Measuring over 400 square meters it is defined by various lounges, an office, a dining room, and the fact that everything is entirely customizable. With a cost nearing that of Air Force One, which cost 325 million dollars, the renowned private aircraft of the President of the United States.
The Boeing 757 (bought by Donald Trump for 100 million dollars), comes equipped with golden sinks, bedrooms, relaxation areas, sitting areas, and some of the most sophisticated security devices.
Airbus A319 ACJ, is a private jet valued at around 80 million dollars. This plane contains a bedroom, bathrooms, designated relaxation areas, sitting rooms, and conference rooms.
The Bombardier Global 7000, a private jet of the Bombardier line whose value is of 73 million dollars, can carry up to 19 passengers in maximal luxury and is the first private jet with 4 living areas. Everything can be formatted at the customer's discretion. It also has a master bedroom and a separate area dedicated to the crew.

These are the 5 most expensive models ever designed and customized. In reality, the list could go on to name many other models very similar in value, with their own array of specifically chosen characteristics.

Let's concentrate however, on Air Force One, which definitely deserves more than a simple comparative mention. 

Air Force One is not just any private plane!

Air Force One really isn’t just any private plane, after all: it is the aircraft that carries the President of the United States.

A stand-out for its safety, having been designed to withstand the effects of any nuclear, biological, and chemical attack.

Should anything happen, this aircraft even contains a mini hospital, complete with an operating room.

It also has a built-in shielding system, to protect it from any type of attack.

Its 370 square meters include:

medical facilities
guest rooms
an area for the staff
a private presidential suite
dining rooms
relaxation rooms

In short: we can say that it is worth its price!

Enough awe, it’s time to move on to the most requested features when looking for a private jet charter.

What are the most requested features in a private jet?

In our experience, here are the most requested and appreciated features in private jets (especially for long journeys):

Independent bedroom
Relaxation zones
Private bathrooms
Spa / areas for mind and body care
Kitchen and dining room
Plasma screens and dedicated entertainment rooms
Conference room

If there is one takeaway, it is that a private jet can truly become a place where you can work, rest, and interact with your guests without wanting of anything; this, in total privacy.

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