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Monday 17 September 2018 Top Destinations

Sion (or Sitten in German), the capital of Canton Valais, is located on the shores of the Rhone River in the south-west of Switzerland. It's a famous destination known for its famed historic castles and the proximity to the region's wineries and glamourous ski resorts. The pre-historic settlement city offers several activities for visitors that includes some city- discover walking tours, exploring the famous old monuments and churches, luxury shopping and wine tasting tours.

Sion is known as the most sun-kissed town of Switzerland. Thanks to its central location, the small town abounding with culture is also an ideal starting point for exploring the summer besideds of the well known winter holiday resorts in the Valais side valleys.

The Castle Church of Valeria boasts one of the world’s oldest playable organs from the 15th Century. The city hosts some events related to music, including the International Antique Organ Festival, a top-class concerts wich takes place in the Castle Church of Valère (July/August).

Particularly captiving are the many historical monuments in the Old Town, the shopping area, and the new modern and convenient urban facilities.

As other cities in Switzerland, Sion is quite difficult to be reached by commercial airline (they work mainly seasonally), but an aerotaxi can get there easly at any time of the year. 

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