Private jets to India: 3 reasons to choose Fast Private Jets

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Reaching India has never been so easy: here's how avoiding long queues at the airport and not being stressed again

If you have never been to India, you will probably be fascinated by this enchanted country. Its ancient Buddhist art has shaped Indian culture for many years, and now it's a tourist destination chosen by increasingly more people.

Normally reaching India by plane takes about 9 hours and a half, so you may want to enjoy the flying experience by making the most of your time and relaxing.

All this is possible if you decide to fly by chartered plane.

Let me show you how it works.

Person sitting in front of Taj Mahal, India

Reason number one: no more downtime

Exactly, you read that right.

We all know that flying on commercial aeroplanes means waiting and waiting before the departure.

First, you have to embark luggage, pass the metal detector controls and then look for the right gate.

Not to mention the possible delays and exhausting waiting before getting on the plane. And what's even worse, there's always the possibility of having the flight cancelled due to weather conditions or some issues during the previous flight.

Well, if you charter a private jet, you won't have to worry about these problems.

Let me explain that to you.

Foremost, you can choose the time and the day of both the outward and the return flight, meaning you won't have to adapt to the airline availability.

Once you chose the right time for you according to your needs, you can arrive at the airport just thirty minutes prior to takeoff, and our staff will lead you to the lounge area where you can relax.

And what about the time spent waiting for the luggage to come?

If you fly with us, you will find your baggages straight after disembarkation, so that you will be able to exit the airport immediately and start your journey.

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Reason number two: you can travel with whoever you want

After the pandemic, interpersonal distance has become a strict rule we were obliged to respect.

Now the situation is getting better, but this doesn't mean you can't choose your fellow travellers.

Let's be honest: flying with strangers sitting next to you is now always a good experience!

With Fast Private Jet, you can choose to fly by yourself, with your family and friends, or with your co-workers.

Speaking of that, you can also ask for the business setup on the plane: our staff will arrange the spaces to create an office in its own right where you and your colleagues can work with your laptop and use the Wi-Fi connection on board.

Our purpose is to give you the perfect experience based on your exigencies and comply with your needs.

Finally, if you decide to fly with your partner and kids, we can provide you some extra space in order to stow the whole family's luggage and customizable luxury suites.

Ganesha statue, one of the symbols of India

Reason number three: you can choose among our best services (with a good price-quality ratio)

The third reason why you should choose our company is related to the several services we can offer you.

The cost of a flight from England to India varies according to the benefits you may want to include.

Let's see which ones are.

As we said before, we can arrange the business setup whether you would like to work during the flight, but there's more.

If you're travelling for leisure and want to take a break, you can ask for beauty treatments or a long massage on board: in this way, you will disembark completely relaxed and ready to start off on the right foot.

Moreover, we can provide you a catering service with a barman or a chef on board who will prepare you fine cocktails and delicious finger food.

And what if your kids wanted to watch their favourite film? That will not be a problem! Our staff will arrange the maxi-screen and sound with cinema effect.

So, are you ready to discover all the beauties of India?

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In this article, we saw three reasons why you should choose our flying company:

  • You will save lots of time
  • You can work with whoever you please
  • You can personalize your flying experience according to your wishes

If you want to have more information about the prices and the services to go to India, go to our website, click on the 'Book' button and ask for a free quote.

Or, if you wish, you can reach us via email or phone: our team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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