Private jet to Rio de Janeiro: the advantages of an international charter flight

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Flying to Rio de Janeiro: enjoy the journey with Fast Private Jet

Reaching Rio de Janeiro from England means a lot of hours by place. Let's suppose you're leaving from London: with a non-stop flight, you would arrive at the destination in more or less 12 hours (not to mention the time zone!).

Since it's a very long journey, why don't you consider the idea of flying by a chartered plane?

In this article, we will see all the advantages of choosing our company.

View of Rio de Janeiro

What changes between private and scheduled airline flights

Galeão International Airport is one of the most important airports of Rio de Janeiro and today, thanks to several expansions and modernizations, it is an efficient and modern facility.

However, scheduled flights to and from England are often tied to the timetables set by the airlines, and may not meet your needs.

This is where the first major difference between a chartered plane and a scheduled plane emerges: you decide the date and time of departure, without having to worry about seat availability, stopovers, connections and other inconveniences.

But it doesn't end there.

Another important aspect is that by travelling with a private jet charter, you will not have to waste valuable time in queues for check-in and for boarding your luggage in the hold, nor will you have to wait for a call at the gate. These operations generally force passengers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before their departure time.

Since by hiring a private jet, you will have access to a reserved area, these operations will take very little time. This means that you can arrive at the airport with all the calm in the world, say half an hour before departure.

Apart from timing, flying with a chartered plane brings another great benefit: privacy.

During the flight, you will not have to share the cabin with strangers, but you will be able to travel alone or, in any case, in the company of the people you wish. This aspect, these days, goes hand in hand with safety, as the health situation is still not the smoothest.

In short, with a rented private plane, it is a whole different flying experience.

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How much does it cost to rent a private jet to and from Rio de Janeiro?

If you are wondering how much a flight with a private jet costs, you should know that the fares are linked to several factors.

In addition to the number of passengers and the distance between the destination airport and the departure airport you wish to fly from or to, the final price is also affected by the optional extras you wish to include in your package.

At Fast Private Jet, we provide passengers with various extra services to ensure that you travel in comfort and relaxation. A few examples?

When travelling with us, you can have:

  • A barman or chef on board
  • A catering service
  • A maxi screen with cinema effect to enjoy a good film during the flight
  • Beauty treatments
  • Massages
  • And much more

Furthermore, if your trip is for business reasons, we can offer you a business set-up that will make you feel like you are in your own office.

There are so many options available to you. If you want to know them all, all you have to do is contact us and tell our team what your needs are.

Christ the Redemeer

What to see in Rio de Janeiro and make your journey unforgettable

If you go there, you can't miss a visit to one of the seven wonders of the world: the statue of Christ the Redeemer, placed on top of Corcovado. Designed as a symbol of Christianity in the world, the statue is now considered an icon of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

For those who are keen on football, Maracanã Stadium is a must: be amazed by the facility that has hosted the World Cup and other world-class sporting events on several occasions.

Or perhaps you are an art lover?

Here are some places you should definitely see:

  • The Theatro Municipal, one of the most important in Brazil. It is a lavish construction inaugurated in 1909, inspired by the National Opera in Paris
  • The Museum of Fine Arts, which is one of Brazil's most important cultural institutions and the most important museum of Brazilian art, containing mainly paintings and sculptures from the 19th century

And for the shopaholics there's Paineiras Street, even though it's not the classic city street dedicated to shopping or other types of attractions: it is a street in the middle of greenery, along which your eyes can rest on the wonders of Brazilian nature.

Furthermore, if you are looking for nature and unspoilt places, here are some:

  • Parque das Ruinas

    The Parque das Ruìnas Municipal Cultural Centre is a public park in the Santa Teresa area of Rio de Janeiro, and from its interior you can enjoy an unparalleled view of Guanabara Bay and the city centre.

  • Tijuca Forest

    The Tijuca Forest is known today as the tropical forest that characterises Rio de Janeiro. It is also counted among the largest urban forests in the world, along with those of Johannesburg and Singapore

  • Flamengo Park

    Brazil, it is known, is a land of big sports names. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the city of Rio de Janeiro is also full of locations in which to train. Arriving in Rio and meeting a few champions, practising can be possible, especially by visiting Flamengo Park

  • Sugar Loaf

    A visit to Rio de Janeiro is not complete without seeing Sugar Loaf. One of the world-famous symbols of Brazil is this mountain, which stretches from the bay of Guanabara up to 396 metres above sea level before plunging into the Atlantic Ocean in a marvellous play of colours that oscillates between green and blue

  • Urca Hill

    Rio de Janeiro is a city in which the mountains and hills are not only the backdrop, but are incorporated into the urban fabric. A perfect place to welcome tourists and residents who like to keep fit

  • Rio Botanical Garden

    A walk through Rio de Janeiro's Botanical Garden will make you dream. The park, located at the foot of Corcovado, will welcome you with an avenue of palm trees unfolding before your eyes in all its 137 hectares

Finally, if you want to relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches, go and discover Copacabana, Botofago Beach, and Ipanema Beach.

So, are you ready to takeoff?

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In this article, we saw the main pros of choosing a private jet, the costs and the best places to see in Rio de Janeiro.

If you would like to have more information, visit our website, click on the 'Book' button and ask for a free quote. Or, if you want to speak directly with us, contact us via email: our team will be available 24/7 to help you organise your trip to this amazing city.

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