Private jet Spain: the best option for travelling to and from England

Monday 6 June 2022 Blog, Top Destinations

Flying to Spain? Why don't you try with an experience in total comfort and leisure?

Are you ready to reach Spain (or come back home) in less than two hours?

Discover all the advantages of chartering a private jet to fly to and from Spain!

In this article, we will see the reasons why you should choose to fly with us; then, we will see the best tourist destinations of Spain that are a well worth visit.

view of Barcelona, Spain

Why choosing a charter flight? Well... Why not?

We all know that travelling by aeroplane is not always as comfort as we wish... Long queues, exhausting waits, delays and so far.

So, here's why you should consider flying by private jet to reach Spain in total relax.

When you have to take a plane, you normally arrive at the airport two hours prior to departure because you have to store the luggage and pass the metal detector controls.

With Fast Private Jet, you can come half an hour to the airport, and our crew will lead you to the lounge and take care of the rest: in other words, you can avoid the draining lines of check ins.

Moreover, you can reach the jet in total privacy e confidentiality.

Another advantage of flying by charter plane is that you can choose the date and the time according to your needs.

Let's be honest: that is something you cannot ask a normal airline company. In most cases, you must adapt to their availability and eventually look for a place to stay, even though you wished to come back home earlier.

If you decide to fly with us, you can organize the trip based on your agenda, we will be glad to please your requests.

But there's even more.

Have you ever thought about travelling by yourself, with no other passengers you don't know sitting next to you?

Sometimes you may want to fly in privacy and enjoy the trip with no strangers around. Well, with Fast Private Jet, you can choose your travel mates: you can fly alone, with your family or with your colleagues.

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How much does a flight to Spain cost?

That is a normal question that many people wonder.

Well, there is no a unique answer, because it depends on the benefit and services you choose.

If you want to watch your favourite TV series or a film during the flight, we can arrange the maxi-screen and sound with cinema effect.

Or perhaps you want to relax? You can ask for a cabin massage and beauty treatments.

But wait, I'm not done yet.

Whether you're travelling for leisure or for business, we can provide you a catering service with a barman and chef on board.

Speaking of work... if you decide to fly with us, we can arrange the spaces and offer you the business setup with customizable luxury suites: in this way, you can work with your laptop during all flight while enjoying the beautiful view from the window and take a break in your suite.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Here are the best destinations of Spain you can't miss

Let's start from Ibiza, the island of movida, nightclub and breathtaking beaches. Here you can find all the information to fly to Ibiza with Fast Private Jet.

And if you love the sea and spotless beaches, you can't miss Majorca. It alternates kilometre-long white beaches with hidden, crystal-clear coves; nature parks with underground caves; arid mountains with torrent-filled plains; small fishing villages with large towns born and bred only for tourists.

And what about Seville? Well Seville is tapas, music, flamenco, laughter and colours. It's the capital of Andalusia and best represents the essence of Spain

If you like architecture, you can't miss Córdoba, the ex-capital of the Muslim Empire in Spain, which made it the most Arab city in the whole country.

Then we have Valencia, the third-biggest city after Madrid and Barcelona, which became famous thanks to the America's Cup held in the city in 2007.

And since we mentioned them, you own a visit to Madrid, the capital of Spain, and Barcelona, the city that doesn't sleep, full of buildings created by the great artist Gaudí.

Zaragoza in another city that is worth a visit: its origins date back to 24 B.C., at the time of Romans. Thanks to the succession of different populations during two thousand years, Zaragoza is famous for the Mudéjar style, a reminder of the Arab influence which shaped the whole architecture of the city.

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In this article, we talked about the advantages and benefits of travelling to and from Spain.

At this point, curiosity will lead you to wonder what other services we can offer you (even after landing) and what the cost of a chartered private jet flight to Spain is. Our 24-hour team is on hand every day of the week to answer all of your questions.

Visit our website and click on the 'Book' button to fill in the form, or contact us directly by phone or email. We will give you all the information you need.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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